I am back, I think...

For some reason train journeys make me want to write. Thanks to my cold-by-now extra strong latte from London Victoria, this morning, I've decided to blog.

It’s 9:45am and realistically I should be using my new-found energy to do some actual work on this train journey, not blogging, but ah well.

Over the past six or so months (I’m lying, it’s probably more like 14?) I’ve been going back and forth on whether to sack the blog off and kill it all together. 

At Uni it was fun. At Uni I had time to make it fun.

But once I started working in London again, commuting for hours a day and getting my gym/working life/gin schedule in order, the blog fell to the wayside.

It costs me money to run. The time it takes is insane (seriously, there’s a reason the good ones have to give up full-time jobs to commit) and the up-keep can seem quite boring.

But I also like writing.

I’m too lazy to keep a diary… hand writing things is nice, but I tend to forget what I was going to say mid-way through a sentence, and then it just turns into a page of shit handwriting and half told stories. Inspiring.

Which is why I like blogging. And typing.

So the blog seems like a time consuming win win. And at least it’s legible.

Since the last post I actually published (which must have been like 1st March 1978 or something) a few life things that have happened:

  1. I moved out of London. I like London, but it can also be a very depressing place. I’m one of those that likes to work in London, drink in London and then escape and see fields. I’m out in Hertfordshire, so it’s not quite Yorkshire, but there’s still time…
  2. I left my straight-from-uni job in Hammersmith and started a new one in Piccadilly Circus.
  3. I then left that job because ain’t nobody got time for boredom, tears and general shit days.
  4. I took two full months off between jobs and would recommend it to just about anyone. I’d also recommend applying for a credit card beforehand. Unless you have four kids and a mortgage, in that case stick with it, you reckless tit.
  5. I found a job that lets me travel (to dead glam places like Hove and Surrey lolz) and feel 100 million times better.
...nothing too exciting.

No I am not pregnant.

No the boyfriend hasn't surprised me with a dog yet (idiot).

And yes I am still overdrawn lolz. Student life never dies <3 <3

Probs speak to you soonish, or maybe in like 14 months time or so.

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