A Surprise Weekend Away

This year Mum's birthday was a little different to the normal M&S caterpillar cake and sarcastic cards written 20 minutes before present-giving.

This year we planned. Or rather, Lauren (older Sister) and I planned, while the two younger siblings sat somewhere being useless and spotty... (that's not entirely true, but whatever).

We organised a surprise weekend away in Nottingham at Lauren's house and B&B.

The plan: Mum would visit Lauren in Nottingham for a girly weekend with just the two of them.

The actual plan: Mum would drive to Nottingham for said weekend. Me and the Boyfriend would drive up from London on the Friday after work as a surprise, while the brother and sister would leave school on a train from Durham to Nottingham, also as a surprise. We would then book a room for her at the B&B to relax and make it extra special (and so we could watch the rugby final on a massive screen).

The Friday night wasn't too exciting. We all arrived, surprised Mum, had a few drinks and then toddled off to bed around midnight.

Saturday started in a much more exciting fashion...with a trip to the bakery for unhealthy breakfasts to fuel us up for our long walk around Sherwood Pines.

Naturally I took Monkey along for the weekend, so he could meet Lauren's Monkz...

We let Joely lead us round the walk. I was really impressed with her direction abilities until I realised she was following these rather obvious pink posts.

The moment we surprised Mum with her B&B night away once we were home^.

We also booked a second room for the boyfriend and I, so I got to feel like it was my birthday too. Bonus.

Trying to take a pre-dinner selfie with the boyfriend worked really well for me^.

Mum ordered her favourite, an extra special Long Island Iced Tea...

...which lasted about 2.3 minutes.

Thankfully the food helped soak some of it up.

Mum isn't 69, she's 53. But Tesco didn't have those numbers and I have a shit sense of humour.

In the end it all worked perfectly and Mum was entirely surprised and shocked and happy with her weekend away.

And there was still a caterpillar cake.

His head made it to the next morning, and lasted about 25 seconds after that.

The next morning was probably the best part though. The Black Bull breakfasts are ridiculously yummy...

Lucas hid his hangover well. It was the first time I've ever seen him struggle the day after drinking, and it was glorious.

A random purchase of mine for Mum...four little bunnies because she has four kids. So glad I have money to waste on pointless shit like that.

Oh wait I don't.

The journey back to London was quick and sunny, but I was full of that shitty SMonday feeling that is always worse after spending time with Family!

Hannah xx

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