My Bliss Facial Care

First of all, can we just discuss how the title of this post makes it sound super boring...

...and then can we discuss what else I could have called it?... the options are pretty limited. It's a post about facial cleansers from Bliss. The End, Goodnight.

I could hardly call it something exciting like 'My whirlwind trip to Montenegro to help underprivileged children', only for you to open it and realise it's actually just a post about what I use to keep my everlasting teenage skin at bay.

And yes, I realise I'm not a teenager. I am 23, but unfortunately for me, and anyone around me with eyes, my skin doesn't seem to realise that.

Basically my skin is stuck in a vortex that revolves around MSN messenger, Groovy Chick merchandise and JoJo. Sigh.

I was introduced to Bliss back in November when the boyfriend and I took a trip to Woburn for our anniversary. I was so sick of my skin and how it looked, so splurged on a facial at the hotel's spa. 

They used Bliss products and tried to sell me every single thing they had in stock.

I politely refused and returned to my room to do some furious research online to 1. read reviews and see if it was all as great and rosy as they promised and 2. look for discount codes, because dat shit ain't cheap.

I found that the reviews online matched those of the Spa ladies and there are 4923 discount codes online that are in-date if you look hard enough.

I immediately ordered the clog dissolving cleansing milk, daily detoxifying toner and daily cleanser facial wash. Cos a girl needs variety.

I've learnt that I need to treat my skin in a sensitive way, instead of throwing doctor prescribed acidic lotion on it, and the Bliss care is helping me do that. It's not too chemical filled and actually makes my skin feel clean without drying it out/making it greasier.

My skin has never been this good. I love having the mixture of the facial cleanser and mask in two different bottles, so depending on how my skin is, I can pick and choose which to use.

And the toner is just lovely and moisturising to use after whichever cleanser I opt for. I would definitely recommend it all, whether you have problem skin or not. 

And I would also recommend googling bliss discount codes beforehand. I usually buy mine from M&S beauty if that helps. ASOS also stocks it all, if you're keen to use a student discount.

Now, can anyone recommend a product that will make my huge pores tinier than our chances at this year's Eurovision?


Hannah xx

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