Last Weekend

Last weekend started with some cocktails at Euston's All Bar One (so creative, nawt) before I headed to West Hampstead to collect the brother and sister.

They had travelled down from school in Durham to spend the weekend at my flat so we could pretend to be tourists, while simultaneously hating every tourist in London.

It was a ball.

Obvs I'm not a real tourist since I live here, but our activities would suggest otherwise...

Only a tourist would choose to spend their Saturday afternoon at the Natural History Museum surrounded by 4927 families and small children.

Just as only tourists would choose to walk from South Kensington all the way through Knightsbridge, across Hyde Park, down Oxford St, through Regent's St and up through Covent Garden (all in search of our next Snog, obviously) to enjoy the 'weather' (the sun was out for 2.5 seconds) and 'views' (we saw two hefty squirrels in Hyde Park that wanted my latte more than life itself)...

We hadn't been to the museum for years so it was nice to relive some of our memories and see what was new...

But I had one of those horrid moments where my childhood memories are crushed. I remembered everything about the museum being massive, with super high ceilings and one room in particular being really grand.

The museum is obviously all of those things, but there's multiple rooms that are just normal and small. Why does everything seem so much bigger as a child?

Anyway, it was fun and I didn't lose anyone. Success. 

Anyone else think Five Guys is delicious but completely too expensive?

Lucas had never tried it, so we scrapped plans for a proper dinner and bought two burgers. I watched them both eat while I sat dreaming about the snog I was going to annihilate once they were done.

After Five Guys and Snog we ventured to M&S, bought some alcohol and ventured home to enjoy G&Ts, toffee popcorn and Ibiza Weekender (Lucas wasn't impressed at all).

Sunday morning was a lazy one, with a trip to waitrose, a chocolate croissant and yet another latte from my favourite local shop...

Basically it was a weekend of cocktails, croissants and coffee.

And that's not supposed to be a nifty little one-liner to end this post, it's just to point out my utter lack of creativity in taking pictures.


Hannah xx

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