Friday Favourites - Twelve

This past week I strategically planned a few really good purchases and evenings out to distract myself from the fact that after 10 days away, I was back in the office.

I think the mixture of said purchases and nice weather led to it being a surprisingly good week!

Besides the fact that I am having one mighty shitey hair day today, but life goes on...

1. New Nike Free Run 5.0s

I bought my first pair of Nike Free trainers in 2012. It was summer and I opted for the classic neon pink pair and absolutely loved them. I was on a massive 'get fit' rage between my first and second year of uni, and the trainers had everything to do with my motivation. I find new gym gear sooooo motivating! Anyone else?

Since 2012 I have bought five or six more pairs of Nikes, but only one pair of Free 5.0s. They continue to be my favourite all-rounder for the gym or running. So when I spotted these black ones on the John Lewis website earlier this week and saw they were reduced from £100 to £59, I figured it would be entirely stupid if I didn't buy them. Correct.

2. Tuesday Evening

I left work on Tuesday, jumped on the tube and headed over to Regent's Street to meet up with a friend for some shopping. I had a few bits in mind that I needed to buy, but my main focus was make-up.

The weather was gorgeous so we ended up doing more walking than planned and headed over to Covent Garden for Shake Shack and Snog. We well and truly deserved the burgers after spending all evening marching up and down the tourist-filled pavements dodging pushchairs, children and buses.

3. bareMinerals Primer BB Cream

I've used bareMinerals make up for about three or four years now, and only recently got fully on board with using any type of primer beforehand. I get stressy about overloading my skin with too many products so tend to opt for BB creams over using foundation and bases for my make up. What a dick!

After finally starting to use primer last year and seeing the difference it makes, I have been buying it consistently ever since. It keeps my make up on for longer and stops my skin from becoming shiny throughout the day. I have tried the cheaper Rimmel and Maybelline options but still go back to my bareMinerals after each.

Last weekend I bought this BB cream primer duo and after using it all of last week, I am probably going to waste much more of my monthly earnings on it in the future. Definitely recommend. Buy it here.

4. KIKO Make Up

One stop we had to make on Tuesday was to KIKO. I wanted to go to the Westfield store, Zoe wanted to head to the Regent's Street store. She won, but we both ended up losing in the end. It was so busy! We really didn't factor in the 292450 tourists and shoppers that would be there. The whole make up shopping experience felt rushed, but we still managed to spend quite a bit of money.

I'll share what I bought in a post next week but for anyone wondering if they should try KIKO, yes! I've been wearing it since I was 16 and living in Milan. It was all the rage back then and I'm so glad it's now growing in London too.

5. Pretentious Breakfasts

I mean this isn't an earth shattering favourite to say the least. Social media right now is full of pretentious looking eggs with avocado smushed all over some calorie, wheat, gluten and fun-free bread. While I can't say I've tried anything of the sort, my breakfast last Sunday looked remarkably like something you'd buy if you cared about what your food was going to do for your Instagram grid. Basically it's a favourite because it was delicious and shits all over my usual omelette/porridge options. Do with it what you will.

6. New Primark Shirt

I love oversized shirts and can never resist when I see one I like in shops. I was in Primark last week and spotted this blue and white one for £10 and basically threw it in my basket and weeped with joy.

While I wouldn't usually buy a shirt from Primark because I have heard horror stories of them shrinking into baby size after one wash, the material of this one is so soft and seems quite sturdy. I have only worn it once and have yet to wash it, so I may well be singing a different tune next week, but so far so good. Primark has some great casual shirts in stock at the mo so I'm going to test the waters with this one and then head back for some more weeping if all turns out well!

7. Pic From The Net

I mean does this pic even need an explanation? Celery is the bloody devil.

Happy weekend!

Hannah xx 

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