Friday Favourites - Thirteen

Has this past week flown by for anyone else or is it just me?

I feel like it should be Wednesday or something... not complaining obvs, because I get to enjoy many a G&T tonight without the guilt of having work tomorrow, but I do feel like I've cheated out of this work week and pressed fast forward.

I have shopped a little less than last week, so have less favourites that revolve around me diving deeper into my overdraft (#glam) but still have just enough to show that I'm not totally over spending money to numb the pain of having no money.

Women's logic, no?

1. My Protein Bread

Yes, this is random. But when you want a quick post-workout meal and don't have the inclination to bake a sweet potato in the oven for 382 hours, this is what you need in your life. It tastes like normal wholemeal bread but is packed with 592 times more protein. The downside: it's also 592 times more expensive. Not that bad, but not something I'll be buying weekly. Get it here.

2. Barry M Quick Dry

During the times that I don't have a Gel manicure on my nails, my two top brands of nail polish to use are Barry M and KIKO. The only downside is the having to wait for them to dry fully. Never in your life will you need a wee more than when you have just applied a fresh coat of polish.

Barry M's quick dry is a real champ that does actually dry quickly and stays chip-free for more than 23 seconds. I got them both from Superdrug earlier this week... they're on offer!

3. KIKO make-up remover

I'm a little weird when it comes to make up removal. I don't tend to use a proper remover, I just kind of hope my face cleanser and toner take off the bulk and then ignore the rest. 

However, now that I use waterproof mascara everyday, it's handy to have a strong eye and lip colour remover that actually works and leaves your skin feeling moisturised. Enter: this little champ from KIKO. It's something stupid like £5, hardly ever runs out and will take just about any colour off your eyes and lips. Buy it here.

4. The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt Season 2!

I absolutely loved this show last year at Uni and am so happy it's back for a second season. It's just really stupid and lighthearted, so don't expect anything too intellectual (I think that's what makes it great though). The entire second season is on Netflix now.

Warning: the theme tune will be stuck in your head for days. I'm singing it now just from thinking about the show. Grand.

5. MIC Season 11

I've been obsessed with Made In Chelsea since it started and was so excited when it popped up on my Channel 4 app last week. I didn't even realise it was due back on our TVs! Glad I finally have an excuse to sit and relax on Monday evenings now.

6. Couples Workouts...

Last week the boyfriend and I ventured out for a couples workout. I know, I just vommed in my mouth too, but we aren't the type of couple to say babe or baby to each other and speak in baby voices, so a 'couples' anything is pretty rare for us.

But this couples workout lasted for about 3 minutes... I got mad that he kept beating me up the hill so had to venture off on my own run around the surrounding area while he finished the sprints. So I guess this doesn't even count as a couples workout and I have wasted the past 39 seconds of your life. Soz.

It was nice to get out together and exercise though. We were in the same county as each other the whole time, if that helps make it more coupley (a word).

7. Pic From The Net

I mean is this not just the truest thing ever said on the Internet? Probably not, but I know everyone has jumped into a pool, only to have a panic and have to flatten their Speedo induced gunt down seconds later. Life.


My sincere apologies for missing last week's Friday post (I'm shit). I had a weird day and an even weirder call from my Doctors, so went home and drowned my sorrows in Ben & Jerry's and Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, sozzz.

Tonight will be different: I'm going to Wahaca for dinner in Covent Garden and then meeting up with friends for some (lots of) gin.

Have lovely weekends!

Hannah xx

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