Friday Favourites - Fourteen

On a totally unrelated Friday Favourites topic, how weird and great is this snapchat filter?

Anyway, onwards we go with life...

H&M Sale

I loaded the H&M homepage for a little peak earlier this week and told myself I wouldn't buy anything. My overdraft told me I shouldn't buy anything. My credit card told me I could buy one thing. So I bought seven. Life. 

To be fair though, I only spent £60 and managed to bag 7 items, so that's pretty good going. I'll share what I bought next week once it all arrives.

Family Time

I'm heading to Nottingham tonight to spend the weekend with Family. My older Sister and her boyfriend are moving back to France so the entire family is descending on them for the weekend to help with the big move/remind them why it's sometimes good to live far away from your large family. 

I am looking forward to family time, but hope I don't spend the Bank Holiday weekend cleaning floors and toilets before the house is handed over. Glam.

Miu Miu Perfume

I received this Miu Miu perfume earlier this week as a gift and am absolutely in love! It's the second perfume I've received in as many weeks and although that may seem excessive (not), the scents are so different it couldn't have worked out better.

This one is lovely, quite heavy and reminds me of Abu Dhabi in the best kind of way. The other is Gucci Guilty and is perfect for a night out. Perfume is one of those things that I absolutely love, but find really difficult to justify (unlike H&M sales) so it's the best gift to receive!

Margaritas & girls night

Last week I ventured to St John's Wood (seriously, why don't I live there?!) to meet up with a friend from High School. 1. Her house entrance is ridiculous. 2. She is ridiculous and I love her. Both girls she used to live with have recently moved out so she's got the whole place to herself. Why we have never organised a sleepover, I will never know. Anyway, after a few drinks at home we ventured to Wahaca for some Mexican food and then onto some bars for cocktails.

The cocktails at Wahaca though!!! I have never liked Margaritas unless they're frozen (Tequila and I are just not friends) but these were delicious. Definitely recommend if you're up for a quick, yummy dinner. The whole night was an ultimate girls night and it was just loads of fun to be stupid with some old friends. 

Geordie Shore

I've spoken about my love for Geordie Shore many a time before, but this season is just mental. Every time a new person comes in I think I'm going to hate them because hashtag stranger danger but I'm proven wrong each and every season! I have this week's episode to watch on my laptop once I hit post on these faves.


Oh heyyyy basic blogger bitch. I swear if you looked at any bit of blossom popping up around London right now there'll be a blogger not far behind with their VSCO open and an imminent Instagram. Yeah, it's overly shared, but isn't it pretty...for some reason it reminds me of weddings?

My Single Friend - Jane Costello

I started this book last week and am just over halfway through. It's not the best book I've ever read, but it's certainly everything you want from a chick-lit. A clumsy, somewhat curvy PR girl who is trying to find love in a city and an unexpected love interest in the form of her best friend.

Basically after the first two pages you can tell exactly where it's going, but still want to keep reading. One of those reads. A perfect beach read, you could say. Shame I read it on the Piccadilly line with old man armpits in my face instead of an actual beach.

Pic From the Net

Hope you all have lovely long weekends and enjoy the...rain?

I've just been handed this on my train to Nottingham and can't bring myself to drink it because it's so so cute!

Hannah xx

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