Friday Favourites - Eleven

Being at home this week has been tremendoussss. I do not want to return to normal life, I much prefer having my days free to do as I please. Workout when I want, eat when I want and make last minute plans when I want.

Basically I miss being a student.

That is what the first paragraph of this blog post has just taught me. I am living in the sweet, sweet past of student life.

Sadly I must return to London on Sunday for work and adult life so I can continue paying bills, setting alarms and smelling sweaty people on the tube hashtag yay.

Such a shame I'm not luckier with my endless lottery attempts.

1. Being at Home

Naturally my first favourite is being at home the past 7 days. Sleeping in my own bed for the first time in 3 months was pretty glorious. Just trying to figure out how to get my mattress on my train on Sunday. (The windows in the above photo won't be bright bloody blue forever, promise).

2. Post-workout smoothies

I've always been a fan of smoothies, especially after working out. I've recently changed my routine up a bit and have been incorporating more frozen raspberries and green veg/fruits into them instead of bananas and honey. I much prefer it and find them far easier to drink over a long period of time. The frozen stuff always seems to make a comeback around this time of year.

3. Nescafe Azera Instant

I am a sucker for a takeaway coffee cup and cheap introductory price. I am also a sucker for a good TV advert. Mix those three things up and you'll see two boxes of these new instant coffees in my trolley at the supermarket.

They're good, easy and fairly cheap for the meantime, so if like me you like coffee and are weird about takeaway cups, get yourself some of these and enjoy them in the comfort of your own kitchen. You know, that room where you keep all of the coffee mugs you own.

4. Oppo Ice Cream

The little sister had a sleepover this week, which resulted in tubs of Ben & Jerry's appearing everywhere around the kitchen. To avoid drowning in that phish food goodness, I bought some Oppo ice cream. It's notoriously guilt free and great with a bit of honey on! Please note the two greedy dogs in the photo just waiting for a bit.

5. Spring Salads

I walked into the kitchen the other day absolutely starving and ready to face-plant the first edible thing I saw. Unfortunately for me that happened to be a big bar of Toblerone that was leftover from Mum's birthday weekend. That was never going to end well, so I was forced to pick whatever I could from the fridge and throw it together in a bowl.

Luckily for me that resulted in a rather banging salad! Honey and coconut oil chicken from the previous night, avocado, feta, cherry tomatoes, spinach, lettuce and reduced fat hummus on the side. So so great! Definitely recommend and one I will be using at work.

6. Lunch at the Grandparentals'

We went for a midday feast at the Grandparentals' house on Monday and were treated to the yummiest roulade ever. Pecan, toffee and maple syrup...great for the taste buds, not so much for the summer body.

7. Pic from the Net

I am someone that is asked "are you okay?" or "what's wrong?" at least twice a day, even when I am absolutely fine, all thanks to my grumpy face and grumpy lips. My resting bitch face is real and to blame for the majority of my awkward social interactions. Hashtag bloody life.

Happy weekend!

Hannah xx

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