A week of home

I haven't exactly blogged about my time at home, but it was my main Friday Favourite last week and I did give it a shoutout in my Easter post, so I'm thinking the message has been delivered that yes, I was at home last week annoying the family and filling the role of child once again.

Bossy adult child who swears too much and makes inappropriate jokes and comments in front of their younger siblings in hopes of ruining their futures.

Mum loved it. 

Being at work all this week and acting like an adult has been okay. It definitely wasn't as tough as I thought it would be after 10 days at home. Which I think is down to the lighter nights.

Basically we're being tricked into thinking we don't spend the majority of our time at the office, even though we basically do.

People at work are lovely, but it's weird to think some of them spend more time with you than they do their kids Mon-Fri.

Basically I'm already planning my next trip home.

Here's a few photos that didn't quite make the cut in last week's posts...

Most boring blog post ever? Probs.

Happy Friday! 

Hannah xx

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