Skiing 2016 - Les Gets

If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen that I was in France a few weeks ago with the sister and Dad for a bit of skiing.

Following the terrible disaster that was a NYE with absolutely no skiing, we ventured out to the Alps during what is possibly the busiest week of the entire winter season…half term (French half-term + English half-term = okay bye, thanks anyway).

We drove (took about 45 years to get there and back, to be fair) and listened to my best Spotify offerings available (Sorry, Dad).

Passing through Calais we caught a quick glimpse of the jungle which was very surreal. The surrounding environment itself is daunting with the various police vans dotted about and the motorway aires are all closed off to stop people hanging around for too long. After about 15 minutes of driving everything goes back to the usual dull Calais, which almost makes it all the more weird.

We drove through all of Saturday night, arriving in Les Gets about 6am just in time to beat the Saturday morning traffic.

Because it was so early we had plenty of time to have a two hour nap before the lifts and stores opened for business.

We were excited to get out on the slopes but knackered from the journey. In the end we skied for about 4 hours and then headed to our favourite pub for the England/Italy 6 nations match.

Unlike last year we were saved from rain and wind. Temperatures were a little lower though, so no tan or freckles were achieved, a small issue I can get over, I’m sure.

We were really lucky with the weather actually and got a healthy mixture of sun, snow and powder days throughout the week, so took full advantage of the off-piste trails.

^shot of me relaxing after falling over in massive amounts of powder off-piste, waiting for the sister to pop round the corner.

...she did no popping of the sort and had actually failed to ski around a tree and went straight into it, hurting her knee and missing the following day's skiing.

In all it was a great week away and I can't wait to get back out to the snow next year...they've had a massive dumping of snow today, if only we could get out for a late season weekend ski!

All of the photos were taken with my iPhone 6 Plus and I continue to be impressed with its camera abilities and the VSCO app, definitely recommend it if you're on iOS and love taking photos.

Hannah xx

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