My Friday Morning in A&E

Fridays are usually the best day of the week. Ask me any time of any day and I'll tell you.

They're usually the day I let myself eat carbs without any guilt, or skip the gym and enjoy some (84 glasses of) wine without any guilt. Or eat 34kg of chocolate cookies without any guilt. Basically, there's no guilt involved because wooooo, yeah, it's almost the weekend.

But last Friday involved precisely zero of those lovely things.

It involved some intensely painful abdominal spasms and breathing difficulties, two Uber rides to hospital and a looooong wait in a North London A&E all by myself while a lovely nurse and doctor tried to figure out what the bloody hell was wrong with me.

I'd woken up with the usual Friday feeling, popped by jeans and oversized shirt on for work (because everybody loves a casual Friday) and started applying my fave BB cream.

And I'll admit, the Thursday night had involved some vodka lime sodas and dancing but I was feeling pretty damn smug and fresh as a bloody daisy while I got ready for the day ahead.

About 20 minutes into my morning routine and with half a face of make up on I started getting these shooting pains that almost felt tingly but also felt a bit like a burn in my upper stomach/diaphragm area.

The pain wasn't getting better when I laid down and drinking water only made it worse, as did taking deep breaths.

Now, having had stomach problems in the past (I have been tested/treated/diagnosed with/for stomach ulcers, bacterial infections, you name it, a doctor at some point has probably told me I have it), I figured it would pass after about 5 minutes. Except it didn't.

It just got worse and worse until I found myself curled up on my bedroom floor, phone in hand crying and speaking to the NHS 111 line for some advice while the pain caused my back and ribs to feel like they were breaking. Even touching my stomach or skin by my ribs was agony.

Their advice was get yourself to the nearest hospital as soon as possible. So that's what I did.

Now, you know when you're growing up and get to various stages in your life where your parents suddenly can't do things for you (even though the majority of us still got them to call the doctors or dentists for us until the ripe ol' age of 18) because it would just look silly and you suddenly realise you have to do it all alone and you're becoming an adult?

I was overcome with this weird feeling of adulthood while sitting in the back of my Uber on the way to hospital.

I was on the way to a hospital by myself.

And naturally, being in so much pain I didn't give a shit, but 18 year old Hannah was bloody jumping up and down for 23 year old Hannah being all adulty and mature and grown up.

I mean yes, the Uber driver thought I was a basket case heavy breathing and curling over every time he took a corner too fast, so I wasn't exactly emulating adult vibes, but still, big life moment.

Anyway, after arriving at A&E, getting lost twice and finally being checked-in by the most unenthusiastic front desk lady ever, I had about an hour and a half of waiting and pain before a Nurse came to see me.

She did the usual tests, told me off for not wearing a proper jacket and then put me through to the next stage (yep, I just made A&E sound like the X Factor) under the urgent case list meaning I got seen by the doctor pretty fast.

The doctor had a good feel of my stomach, asked me about my life, did some tests and confirmed I had been having abdominal spasms.

Sexiest Friday morning ever.

Anyway, she gave me 392 bits of advice, forced peppermint tea onto my shopping list and gave me a couple of things to go and see my local doctor about before the end of the day. She also told me to relax and do absolutely nothing.

So that's what I've been trying to do since last Friday.

I'm still in a lot of pain, haven't eaten a normal meal since and am still finding it difficult to move normally, but I'm not dying and there's 49249 worse things in life to be going through.

I've also learnt that...

1. Peppermint tea smells terrible but does actually help.
2. People who you think are your friends, probably/definitely aren't.
3. Fridays aren't always the best day of the week.
4. My boyfriend is pretty okay.

So I guess now you can forgive me for not posting a Friday Favourites last week.

Hannah xx

Ps, just found this on the interweb while scrolling through Pinterest...ha!

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