My first ever experience with fake eyelashes.

People have always told me that I have great eyelashes. And yes, it might be true that I have been gifted with long, curled eyelashes, but they certainly don't get close to being as amazing as my boyfriend's, which bothers me.

Why do genetics work like that? 

Why are boys always blessed with super long lashes while there's some poor girl stuck in her bedroom basically pulling her own out while trying to curl them with that scary contraption girls like to put near their eyes sometimes.

Erm, no thanks. 

My point is, I have never wanted nor needed to wear fake eyelashes. Until Zoe, my friend who I spent last weekend with opened my eyes to pre-glued lashes.

I'll set the scene...we were in boots and all I needed was some baby wipes (I use them for make-up). But somehow as usual, I had managed to pick up four or five other items I did not need (and probably never will). Enter: Eylure lashes.

I was excited, intrigued and fooled by their claims of not having to mess around with glue so close to your eyeball (you know, that thing you use for seeing and will actually need quite a lot in your life) and so I spent £5 of my hard earned cash on one set of lashes.

The application was daunting in itself, but especially so when my housemate whacked out her eye glue and started shouting about how special it was because it was black instead of white. At this point I was ready to throw the towel in and go to bed...(From what I hear the pre-glued alone are fine, but they work very much like pre-glued fake nails...adding a bit of your own glue is always better).

But they forced me to lay down and shut up, while spilling gin on my new top...an inconvenience I was able to get over once I saw the result.

Although the lashes felt weird, they looked natural and as if they belonged to me. (I opted for the most natural looking lashes from Boots).

I didn't need to spend 10 minutes applying mascara and worrying if my eye make-up was heavy enough for a night out, because the lashes made me look like I had eyeliner on too. So that was great, but what wasn't too handy was the new set of worries I had to deal with...

Would they slip down my face halfway through the night and give me a moustache? 

Would I have an eyelash stuck to my cheek without evening realising?

Would I even be able to take them off without ripping my eyelid off at the same time? (In the end I did this drunk so have no recollection of whether this happened or not).

And would the residual super-mega-glue stick my eyelids together when I finally went to sleep?

I can confirm that...

1. I can still see.
2. I am considering lash extensions over ever using fake lashes again...mainly because I am lazy and if I can save 4.5 minutes on a morning applying mascara, sign me up.
3. Eylure pre-glued are great if you are the fake lashes kinda girl. 

In summary, I would recommend trying the lashes at least once in ya life.

It's cool to know what they feel like and how they look on your face, but if you have been blessed with good lashes, stick to what you know and spend the money on a good, thick mascara rather than a set of eyelash/moustache/monobrow things.

Hannah xx

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