Friday Favourites - Ten

Well, we made it.

Officially ten favourites have been posted. Normal people would have done that in ten weeks. I did it in about 3922 because I am so indecisive and a bit of a dick. Soz.

The Friday Favourites schedule seems to be working much better than the Wednesday one did though, no?

This Friday didn't start too well, though...

I smashed my phone screen walking out of the house and had to fork out £110 to get it fixed, so that was fun.

And then it slowly dawned on me that my debit card that had been used in Tesco last night had decided to stay in Tesco all night in the payment machine, so that was also fun.

Mild sweaty panic about my debit card.

Mild cry and panic about my phone screen.

Basically it's been a very expensive day. So just one favourite to share this week...

Being at home

It's the first time I've been up North since my Birthday celebrations in January, so a night in my bed was well and truly overdue.

I travelled up last night on the train, along with 49922 other people. I have genuinely never seen King's Cross station quite so busy. People were running, shouting and tripping over one another trying to get to the unreserved carriage.

I couldn't figure it out until I remembered it was the Thursday before Good Friday. Luckily I booked my train ages ago. 

This was the line to collect your tickets...

No thank you.

Thankfully I had printed mine at home.

I spent the two hour trip rinsing the free food while editing photos from my weekend trip to Nottingham.

...and inhaling a crushed Easter egg while watching Geordie Shore.

Which I have since decided is probably not the best programme to watch on a public train.

Happy Easter!

Hannah xx

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