Friday Favourites - Nine

It's safe to say this Friday has been 96 times better than last Friday (read about all of that fun here).

Even though the past week has been tough, it's allowed me to gander at quite a few faves thanks to the many hours I've spent at home trawling through Pinterest and catching up on TV shows.

A few are throwback faves, I must admit, but they're reflective of what's been on my mind the past 7 days of not feeling myself...

Interior/Decor Inspo

Pinterest has saved me from death by boredom this week. Although it has been near torture at some points with the endless yummy recipes, the interior/home filters have been a never ending source of entertainment...and while Pinterest in general can be highly depressing at times (it either makes you feel hungry, poor, homeless or fat, no?) it still manages to do it in an inspirational way.

Follow along with my endless pinning here: https://uk.pinterest.com/ItsAuburn/

My New Candle

Said Pinterest obsession led me to purchase the above candle. I love it and think I have created the perfect balance of cosy and fire hazard in my room...win.

Mac Matte Lipstick

My sister bought me this lipstick for Christmas and it is so lovely! I've been wearing it quite a lot for work now that the weather is becoming more springy. I also wore it for a night out a few weeks ago and discovered that if you apply one coat, leave it to set for 20 minutes and then apply a second, it should have some pretty good staying power for the rest of the evening/day.

This particular colour is only the second MAC lipstick I own (I usually just opt for bare lips or a moisturiser) and with it being so simple it fits with a day or night make up vibe. Shop it here.

Nicer Weather

It's ironic that while I type this the weather outside is absolute bollocks.

If you ask me normally, winter is where my heart is. I love a big jacket and warm scarf. There's something about wearing layers that almost makes you feel like you're hiding from the other commuters on the platform or tube. Howeverrr the past 7 days have changed my mind ever so slightly and I am now super excited for spring!

But this fave is in no way shape or form meaning that I am excited to sweat my tits off on the tube to work during summer. No thanks. Gimme sun and coldness over sweat and sore feet any day of the week.

Homemade Granola

This granola has been a life saver the past week or so. When I've been too ill to cook or prepare anything that takes longer than 5 minutes of standing, this is what I've eaten.

Although initially the doctor told me to stay away from anything too complex or rough (including seeds, nuts, etc), I slowly began introducing the granola into my diet middle of this week and it seems to be going okay - no intense pain so far! I'll share the recipe on the blog soon, promise. (It's great with frozen raspberries, yoghurt and sukrin gold).


During my lack of food consumption this week I have craved nothing more than a naked bowl tortilla. One of my lovely friends had one for lunch the other day and since then I have not stopped thinking about them!

Can't wait until I'm better and can enjoy the ricey goodness. If you're in the same area as a tortilla, I definitely recommend you try it. The frozen margaritas are amazing too, if not a little overpriced. #London

My Little Sister

Joely had to make it onto my favourites list this week. She's currently fundraising for her World Challenge trip to Madagascar in 2017 so has been doing a tonne of stuff to gather as much money as possible. Last Sunday she abseiled down the Middlesbrough transporter bridge (the brave little idiot) and sent me this snap beforehand.

You definitely wouldn't have found me abseiling down a bridge at 14, I wouldn't even do that now. No thanks. Goodbye.

Ex On The Bitch - Series 4

So...don't judge me on this one, but the latest season of Ex On The Beach was hilarious, annoying, addictive and ridiculous all at the same time. I advise any of you that love/hate Geordie Shore or other trashy MTV shows to watch it. Absorb it. Feel like a better human for it. The weekly dose normally makes me feel like the most perfect, put together adult ever. Roll on season 5.

Pic from the Net

The past 7 days haven't been fun, but they have taught me a few things about the people I call my friends. Not in a super dramatic way, just in a 'if you need me, I'll probably be far less available to you than I would have been 7 days ago' kinda way. No harm, no foul. But also no effort. So yeah, this Pic from the Net sums up that side of things pretty nicely I'd say...
I have a weekend of family fun planned for the next few days so hopefully that helps me feel a little bit better. 

Thank you for all your lovely messages! Hope you have lovely weekends..

Hannah xx 

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