Wednesday Weekly Favourites - Six

Around about November time when my life/blogging/website low hit hard, I stopped sharing my weekly favourites. I didn't think anything I was doing was worthwhile and just felt completely detached from being online and positive.

Luckily January has been much more proactive for me and I have been getting back into my structured blogging schedule. 

People take the piss and say I am far too organised and stress myself out with trying to be overly on top of things, which I think is true for the most part. But when I am organised and know what I'm doing I feel far more in control and motivated.

Maybe I am just a control freak (YES, I hear my family shout from their various locations).

January was great and involved quite a few fun things, so even though this is a weekly post, some of my faves listed below are from early to mid January as well...

My Birthday Weekend

In early January I spent a few days with two friends at Hanbury Manor Spa & Hotel in Hertfordshire to celebrate turning 23. It was lovely, food-filled and pretty much a gossip fest. Full blog post about it can be found here.

My Home Birthday Weekend

I dragged my birthday out like the queen and celebrated being one year older up North last weekend with family. Lauren (older Sis) also celebrated her birthday so we killed two birds with one stone. It was great because when she is around I suddenly feel like the younger sister again. She will always be older than me (obvs) and therefore more depressed about her birthday than me.

My Smart Shaker

My new smart shaker is an absolute lifesaver when I am travelling to work/going to the gym and don't want to finish and find my protein shake has gone brown and minging from sitting there mixed too long.

The shaker let's me store my vitamins and powder in two separate sections so I can mix them when I want. I also love that the actual bottle is so small when the extra parts aren't attached. So simple, but so so useful. Can't believe normal shakers weren't like this from the start, definitely recommend. Find them here. 

My New Macbook Air

So in this post here I told you I had convinced myself I needed a new laptop. I also admitted that my current Macbook Pro was absolutely fine (just a bit heavy to travel with). Enter: my new Macbook Air...I've had it about 4 days now and love it. Exactly what I wanted/didn't need at all. Yay for ongoing student discounts.

Stuart Weitzman Boots

These are amazing and have been on my wishlist for about 4 years. They're also over £400 so I fear will remain on said wishlist for forever and ever and ever. Sob.

My new H&M Leggings

I bought these towards the end of last week and feel slightly like a 1960's workout video when I walk around in them. Not quite sure they will make an appearance at the gym, but they're great for relaxing Sunday mornings. I imagine this was H&Ms intention when designing them, not. Find them here.

My Birthday Flowers

So this is definitely a favourite that I have dragged out, but since the flowers are still going strong (they probs need throwing out by now to be honest) I thought I'd include them. The boyfriend sent these to me for my birthday and got them delivered to the office.

Although that is incredibly lovely and out of the blue for him, I can't help but think it was rather strategic and a win-win for him. He embarrassed me, but couldn't get told off for it.


I know, hold the phone, I am a crazy, wild 23 year old. I make omelettes every night and pack them for my breakfast the next day. And no, they don't go weird sitting in the fridge overnight, they're fine the next day and set you up until lunchtime when at work. Top tip: eat at your desk to piss off colleagues and make the office smell of egg.

Bloglovin' App - Follow Me

The bloglovin' app is proving more and more handy for me as I get used to using it on my iPhone and iPad. I still prefer the website, but being able to check notifications, read and save posts and look at new bloggers is a perfect distraction when sitting on a packed tube/train on my way to and from work. Click here to follow me!

Picture From The Net

I chose this picture for this week because it perfectly sums up my life. I hope other curlies understand my pain!

Hannah xx

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