Friday Favourites - Seven

If you've followed me for a while now you'll notice that this post has had a change in name, a change in day and a change in the fact that I am actually posting it on time.

For the previous six posts my faves have gone up on a Wednesday. Who even knows why I chose Wednesday originally, but what I do know is that Wednesdays are just not the day for me.

If you're uber organised and can get content written every Saturday and Sunday regardless of what you have planned or what you drank Friday night, then more power to you. But for me I always felt like Mon, Tues and Weds were filled with too many more favourites to fully commit and write it all during the weekend.

And so I would miss the posting. And then feel incredibly guilty and like the worst blogger ever. A vicious cycle I got myself into. So, behold...

The birth of the Friday favourites. A personal deadline I promise not to miss!...


Last week I spent six days skiing in some of the best snow we have had for years. Me, the little sister and Dad ventured to France for the week and it was just brilliant. More to follow in a post soon! For those asking: we were in Les Gets, part of the Portes du Soleil.

Just Jillian

I set this up for series record on E! a few weeks ago but only got round to watching the first episode last weekend. It is safe to say I am hooked and want to be Jillian's best friend. Definitely recommend!

Diet Coke

Over the past month or so I have consumed very little sugar. I hadn't noticed a massive difference in my taste preferences since giving up the stuff, but after having a diet coke I have now realised they taste super super sweet! Before I would have described it as a bitter kind of taste, but now it is almost too sweet. Who knew diet coke could serve as a dessert?! Not complaining...


Me and the boyfriend started watching Kingsman a few Sundays ago but only just got round to finishing it last weekend. Initially I didn't think it would be my cup of tea, but after watching the trailer and first 20 minutes or so I was hooked. I've also just seen that the cast is in pre-producation for the sequel, which is exciting. Had a cheeky stalk of Taron Egerton online too.

Anti - Rihanna's New Album

Not going to lie, Anti took a few listens for me to really get into, but now it's the first thing I play on a morning before work or at the gym. Reckon some of them will get boring soon, but there's a good three or four songs on there that will be on repeat for a while!

The Body Coach

No I am not late to the party. No I am not claiming to have discovered the body coach. And no I am not acting like I am basically a body coach employee. But yes I would very much like to marry the body coach. His food recipes aren't half bad either.

innocent smoothies - The Big Knit

About two years ago when I first bought a big knit smoothie I was on a mission to find another for my beloved gingerbread man (keep reading, promise I'm not crazy and this will make sense)...

...actually no, this picture will do all the talking...they're perfect hat gloves for him (a thing) and basically last week I completed his winter accessories.

Regardless of the good natured purpose of the campaign, you have to hand it to the innocent marketing teams...I tend to avoid smoothies unless they're veggie based to avoid having major sugar rushes (hence the banana free one pictured) but I am definitely more likely to buy one if it is topped off with a cute, fluffy knit hat that serves a charitable purpose!

Pic from the Net

So technically I didn't have a Monday at work this week, but I did have a Tuesday and it felt like a Monday. A million Monday's actually, because it was the first day back after a lovely week off so those days are always even worse than the normal SMonday/Monday feeling! 

Hannah xx

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