Celebrating 3 - Our Anniversary

This probably takes the cake for being my most overdue blog post ever.

The other half and I celebrated our 3 year anniversary in November and I had really great intentions to blog about all of it.

My camera was glued to me, I photographed just about everything we did (I do this whether I'm going to be blogging or not to be fair) and the photos were edited within three days of us getting back.

And then my blogging low hit and life just got a bit on top of me and I stopped living by my planned blogging schedule.

I don't know what happened but I do know I still want to share the trip with you!...

So...one windy and rainy Friday morning in late November (yes, last year, whatever) the other half and I ventured to Centre Parcs for 3 nights to stay in one of their lovely hotels to celebrate the anniversary.

We watched the boxing, ate great food, went to the gym and spa, went on walks, drank too much coffee and sustained various injuries while getting far too competitive with each other on the water rapids (seriously, I still have a scar on my foot).

And we ate sooooo much food.

I had never been to Centre Parcs and didn't really know what to expect. The hotel itself was lovely, and the place was great and very convenient only being an hour away so that aspect was a winner, but really I could have been camping in a field and wouldn't have minded as long as...

...there was yummy food and coffee (bet you thought I was going to say 'we were together' and make you vom down your top or something).

Anyway, the trip went far too quickly for my liking and I want to go back and just relax in the pool and spend time with the lucky one! Photos of almost everything are below so you can be bored even further by my delayed posting.

Apologies for being so shit with getting this posted, but least I did it before we got to four years, so credit where it's bloody due!

Hannah xx

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