23 - Celebrating at Home

To keep with the theme of posting delayed posts of past events, (see my last post about my anniversary here) I thought it was about time I shared some of what we got up to for my 23rd birthday celebrations.

As in my birthday that was one full month ago, yes.

The birthday I have already posted about here, but have yet to share everything from.

This batch of photos are from my time at home. My sister and I ventured up North to visit the famiglia, eat cake and open presents together.

It's the first time since being alive we have shared a birthday, but since she is in Nottingham and I am in London the precious time we can schedule to be at home together needs to be taken advantage of.

My birthday is January 11th and Lauren's is February 6th, so if we are working to that time frame Lauren's birthday wasn't even that long ago so this post isn't even that delayed.


Anyway, the long weekend included the usual cake, presents, champagne, walks, dogs, petty arguing and more cake.

Oh, and lots of building work. The house is coming along nicely, but it would be nice to have a bath instead of a shower some time soon!...

I did manage to get some workouts in there too, which were much more pleasant with my fellow auburn haired sidekick...never taking him to yoga, ever.

Oh and I got a unicorn hat/scarf/neck thing from my Mum and wore it out for our birthday dinner.

No shame.

And I am terrible at photographing every member of my family, sorry guys.

Hannah xx

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