Pesto, Spinach & Feta Pastry Bites

Just a quick warning, this recipe will not keep with or contribute to any aspect of your 2016 healthy eating plans. At all.

It is completely indulgent.

But also totally yummy and easy to make and stuff.

Worst description ever, I know....I will never apply for a menu publisher job (pretty sure that's not a thing anyway).

And please ignore the terrible lighting on the photos.

Let's continue...

What you'll need:

- One packet of frozen puff pastry because it is 2016 and no one has enough time or patience to make their own pastry...more power to you if you do. Please teach me how.
- Chosen ingredients are fully optional...I went with two handfuls of spinach, 75g of feta (both chopped up) and then 1/4 tsp of pesto on each pastry bite that I wanted to make (really depends on the size you make them though).
- Consider adding chicken, ham hock, red pesto, etc - really anything that you fancy and you think would work.

What you'll do:

- Make your pastry/read the packet of your bought pastry and prep accordingly (mine required me to let it thaw for 4 hours before doing anything productive).
- Chop your spinach and feta into small parcel-sized bits.
- Add your other ingredients...if you fancy.
- Be quite delicate but forceful (makes sense to me) to make sure the parcels are sealed and won't leave runny cheese all over your baking tray.
- Bake in the oven at required temperature...checking every few minutes to ensure they don't burn (obvs).
- Allow to cool for 10-15 minutes (depending on your greed levels) and eat.

Pictures below will bore/help you...

They're not healthy, but they are impressively quick and will keep three 14 year old girls occupied.

Hannah xx

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