My blogging low & Christmas '15

It’s been awhile since I've blogged (shameful I know)…I haven’t posted anything since last year in fact (anyone else bored of these jokes yet? K cool).

I’m not sure how and I’m not sure when but I fell off the blogging track.

As a student when this would happen I would have a strong coffee, put on a good album (let's not lie, it would most likely be Taylor Swift) and finish something I had waiting in the wings to get new content up and running, but during December I couldn’t even bring myself to do that.

I think life got in the way. Quite a lot was happening and I just didn’t feel like writing about my weekends or latest baking breakthroughs. Even editing photos felt like a massive task (I am convinced a new shiny MacBook Pro would help with this…obviously my current MacBook Pro is fine but what else are credit cards for?).

I can’t quite put my finger on what felt off but what I do know is the last two weeks of being off work and at home have done me a world of good.

Going for a run when I want, seeing family for lunch, spending time with my siblings, learning how to dismantle and move a staircase from one side of the house to the other (thanks, Dad), cooking when I want. I know that isn’t normal adult life but it felt nice to have some freedom.

Blogging can very easily turn into a full-time job. Between social media, writing posts, photo editing, photo taking, post structuring and then promotion it’s very easy to get overloaded with tasks when you already have a full-time job (shout out to the Mums of this world that work, blog and birth!). I know that when I don’t get time to fully commit to all of these I let negativity feed into my motivation and become very unproductive.

I didn't realise I needed a break so badly until I had one - after a few days of being at home I was looking forward to taking photos again, writing new stuff and sharing it on the blog…(I don’t mean to sound quite so dramatic, I’m not saving people’s lives Mon-Fri, but it’s only human to need some time to feel like you again).

I hope you all had a lovely break over the festive period and enjoyed some freedom! I’ve shared a few photos below of my Christmas Day and time at home – mostly of food, gin and dogs because why not.

View from my bedroom window waking up!

Even with the house looking a little bit like a building site and the weather being less than brilliant we managed to get the lounge looking okay for Santa and squeeze in some country walks during my time at home.

New Year post to follow soon!

Hannah xx 

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