Celebrating 23 - My Birthday Weekend

Last weekend I celebrated turning 23 at Hanbury Manor Spa & Hotel. And when I say celebrated, I mean I tried to avoid thinking about the fact that I'm 23 which means I've very nearly 25 and then basically I'm 30 and OK let's retire shall we.

People have told me I'm stupid for thinking like this, but said people are also usually over 35 and not living in their student overdrafts. They have mortgages and cars and babies and some form of direction.

Friends the same age as me have confirmed they share my fear of being considered an adult, so I feel normal. I do remember being 18 though and having two friends who were both 23 and feeling like they were so incredibly old and mature and knew what to do with their life.

Whereas I’m now 23 and still laugh at poo jokes. So that’s great.

Anyway, last weekend was really fun, relaxing and not crazy in the slightest.

It commenced on Friday evening when two of the besties arrived from Guildford and Bristol (you’ll recognise them both from my 39,292 Uni related posts) and we immediately opened the wine.

We toddled off to a boozy dinner with the boyfriend and it was just lovely. We ate indian, drank wine and discussed the many things we do miss about Uni and the 3,284 other things and people we don't miss in any way, shape or form.

On Saturday we started the day feeling a little groggy but excited for the day ahead which was to include a gym session, swimming, many a sauna session and much more wine.

We got there and decided to do a little exploring before checking in...

*Photos are a mixture from my DSLR, iPhone and snapchat, hence the varying quality*

^That's Zoe!

Still Zoe.

We were welcomed with a very thoughtful Birthday gift!

Then it was time to pack a bag for the spa and head to the gym.

But mostly we spa'd (definitely not a word).

And made our room a tip.

And drank wine out of very classy glasses while we got ready for dinner.

Dinner ended up being at the hotel restaurant and was lovely. We ate crab starters and burgers for mains, skipping the dessert. Not one single piece of birthday cake was had the entire weekend!

After dinner it was raining badly and we were far too full for an evening of dancing, so headed back to our room for a nightcap...ie, tangfastics, prosecco and fudge!

Which is when it got much classier...

The funny thing about seeing each other now that we don't live together is that it doesn't matter what we're doing or where, as long as we get to gossip, eat and drink.

The 23rd celebrations continue this weekend with a trip up North, so let's hope there's more wine and some cake to be had there!

Hannah xx

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