A NYE with Absolutely No Skiing.

New Year was a bit of a funny one for me this year (or last year). We were supposed to be skiing in France but due to everything being green instead of white (cheers weather gods) we decided to change our plans and stay in England to see out 2015.

Initially I was a bit miffed about the lack of skiing but once the mention of gin cocktails and homemade pizza made it into our plans I didn’t mind too much. And yes I know this is definitely a first world problem that isn't actually a problem at all.

...and when I say homemade pizza I mean we bought the dough and put our toppings on it. I did cut a pepper though, so Martha Stewart eat ya heart out.

In addition to the pizza I made something I’ve been thinking about for a while – feta, spinach and pesto puff pastry bites. They were as expected, delicious but greasy and massively indulgent.

I’ll share the recipe soon since the outcome was a success. A greasy cheesy success (probs what I’ll call that recipe post, not gonna lie).

I also made some mature cheddar pastry bites, because why not.

...which kept a few of us occupied while we waited for the pizzas to cook.

For dessert Joely (sister) made cookie dough chocolate bites using the cookie dough section from a recipe I posted last year (find it here if you like brownies and cookies).

Basically the last day of 2015 was a terrible one for the diet but excellent in terms of company and beverages.

I did manage to get out with Lucas (brother) and Joely for a mighty long run in the hills the next day to get the year off to a good start though, which helped with the food induced guilt just a little bit.

I hope you all had a lovely New Year's Eve and spent it with people you like/alcohol.

This all feels like a distant sugary memory after living on clean food and liquids for the past week or so. Long may it continue! Ha just kidding it’s my birthday party this weekend.

Hannah xx

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