Wednesday Weekly Faves - Three

I haven't done a great deal of exciting things this week. It's actually been really nice to get back into a routine of normality. Halloween was a non-entity for me which I loved. I spent it with the other half at the gym and then had dinner with him and a night of TV after the rugby final and it was just lovely and relaxing.

The next few days will be anything but - I'll hopefully be signing a new house contract and then moving! So that will be pretty fun. And exhausting. I'll be sure to keep you updated!

Now onto the faves...you may notice this week’s mostly revolve around food and clothes. I’d like to blame this on the colder weather, darker nights and cheaper ASOS autumn wear but really it’s all down to greed (not even sorry), which brings me to the first one...


This is a bit of a weird one but the boyfriend picked up a tube of smarties earlier this week and there’s just something about them! One or two won’t do, you need a handful of the crunchy goodness.

I’m officially hooked again. I made brownies cups at the weekend and ended up melting some smarties on the top of them in the microwave – so so good!

ASOS Oversized Scarf

I absolutely love scarves, especially oversized ones that feel like blankets on cold and windy days. ASOS always tend to do really brilliant oversized options and right now I really really want this one!

My commute would be the cosiest thing ever with that wrapped round my neck.

The Crazy Mist

The past few days have been insanely foggy around London and it’s creeping me out. Walking to the station on a morning when it’s still dark feels like a scene out of a horror movie.

I can’t concentrate on being tired when I’m worried about coming face to face with a murderer. Tis so inconvenient. Makes for a cool picture though!

My Hot Water Bottle

Yes I am precisely 98 years old for including a hot water bottle in my favourites list but I don't care. I have got myself into a terrible habit of wanting one at night.

It’s not even proper winter yet but for some reason I’ve convinced my body into thinking I’m camping on Everest and the heat coming from the £6 Primark bottle is some sort of vital life saving device.

Primark has just got a whole load of new stock with pretty patterns for around the same price so if you’re an idiot like me get yourself to your nearest branch.

Autumn Colours

I haven’t stopped going on about how pretty the autumn colours are at the moment and have been annoying just about anyone that will listen to me.

It’s not something I’ve ever noticed before but November is definitely one of my favourite months purely because of the different colours dotted about everywhere.

M&S Cashew Butter

I’ve tried peanut butter, I’ve tried almond butter, but until Monday lunchtime I had yet to try the cashew variety. I picked this tub up from M&S to have with a banana and am officially hooked!

Granted it’s probably not the best type to go for but they didn’t have a sugar free option, annoyingly. I’m gonna try making my own at home this weekend and will no doubt let you know how it goes – will share the recipe if it lives up to this pot of goodness.

Anniversary Excitement

This is a bit of a pointless one for anyone that isn’t me (my faves, bugger off) but I’m super excited about going away for the 3 year anniversary at the end of this month! The boyfriend and I are having a long weekend and it is going to be glorious.

Not sure if I’m more excited about the time off work or time with the boyf (lucky sod) but either way it is going to be fun. Just have to think about what I’m going to buy for him now…

The Rugby World Cup

The past 6 weeks have been so great! I think the event as a whole was a huge success not only for the UK but also for Rugby Union in general. In the end I was glad New Zealand got to walk away with the cup, but naturally it wasn’t a result I would have wished for had England been playing.

This video sums it all up pretty well – still annoyed I missed the RSA vs. JPN match!

Pic from the web

As usual I'm ending the faves with a pic from the internet. This one made me laugh because it is just so so true! I know quite a few idiots who have settled into a relationship and changed their entire personality, sense of humour and likes to fit in. I'm all about the madness (just no murderers, please).

Happy hump day guys!

Hannah xx

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