Wednesday Weekly Faves - Four

I'm gonna jump straight into the Wednesday weekly favourites today because well, it's nearly Thursday (22:48 Wed) and so it would all just be a bit pointless and delayed and late if they came out on a Thursday. So yeah...

Weimaraner Puppy

I saw this Weimaraner puppy on my Pinterest earlier this week and have been very close to saving it as my desktop picture more than twice a day.

Every time I see it I remember Maggie and Ellie (our old Weims who died a few years ago) and get sad and happy at the same time. I will definitely have another Weim in my life…follow Wizb77 on insta for cuteness overload.

Fitbit customer services

My Fitbit recently broke (sob) and since it was less than 4 months old I wasn't prepared to give up on my Fitbit dream and bury it in the garden. In the end I contacted the customer service team after hearing great things and was not disappointed!

They replaced my Charge HR within 5 days and sent through their apologies – can’t beat a great customer service story so had to share. This is what my exciting life has come to, guys.

My sparkly poppy

My Mum kindly bought me this sparkly poppy and I have been getting non-stop compliments all week. I am pretty crap with jewellery in general (lose it too often) but this is an accessory I can live with. For a great reason too!

We had our 2 minute silence at work today and it was nice to know I had contributed to the poppy fund in some way or another. I also bought/donated money for one of the standard paper ones while I was in Costa at the weekend. The pins scare me though and I can never figure out how to secure it in a way that will make it last more than 42 seconds.

Watermelon – Marian Keyes

I bought this book about three weeks ago but only recently started reading it and properly getting in to it. I read a Marian Keyes book last month and loved the Irish humour and unpredictability of her writing so bought this on Amazon to enjoy on my commute to and from work. So far it is brilliant! 

Unlike so many other comedy romance novels out there, Marian has a way of writing a story that you just cannot predict an ending for and will make you think about life in a great way. Yes it’s heart and flowers, but it’s heart and flowers with a little bit of mud and grit thrown in – definitely recommend. Buy it here.

Blend Active

I bought a blend active last year (I also have a smoothie2go) and used it religiously every morning at Uni. But since starting my job the colder weather has started to creep in and I've jumped off the bandwagon a little bit.

I did however make a protein smoothie for breakfast last Sunday and it was amazzzzing (chocolate peanut butter protein, coconut milk, spinach, organic no added sugar peanut butter and a tiny bit of cinnamon – or click here for my other similar recipe).

Fallen Leaves

I know I chatted about the autumn colours last week but that was when the leaves were still mostly on the trees. Now they’re off and laying about, it’s a whole new level. 
There are only a few weeks before they all turn to mush and go brown so let’s enjoy the autumn prettiness while we can.

iPhone update

The new emoji’s are just out of this world! Champagne popping AND a unicorn? Christmas has come early, my friends. It took me a while to finally update my iPhone and iPad but I’m glad I finally did. If you haven't already, get to it!

Real Housewives of Cheshire

Anyone else obsessed? Just me? Surely not if twitter is anything to go by. I watched the season 2 finale last night and oh my bloody god what an episode.

If you don’t watch it or haven’t watched this week’s ep I won’t spoil it for you but seriously, get on ITV player now. Such trashy, obsessively brilliant TV! #TanyaForPresident.

Pic from the net

As per usual I’m sharing a picture from the internet that I’ve laughed at (probs snorted at too) in hopes you share my amusement tastes. How accurate is this one?! Literally every time I went to a friend's house I took on this awkward stance during the 'question time' ha!

I have a pretty big weekend ahead of me (a house move and two nights out) so I’ll no doubt be hanging and craving pepperoni covered carbs for the next 7 days and then dedicate next week's favourites to the pizza gods. I assume you'll check back to have a gander...

Happy hump day!

Hannah xx

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