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Last Saturday I spent 2 hours in a muddy field wearing wellies that are a teeny weeny bit too small for me trying to perfect my Firework photography.

I won’t lie to you, the results weren’t breathtaking and the majority of the firework shots below were taken with the VSCO cam app on my iPhone 6 Plus but I am getting there, slowly.

Basically I spent the entire time dicking about with different settings, focus points and complaining about my back hurting.

Am I painting a fun and festive kinda picture?

K great.

I went with the other half and his family and took my Canon EOS 700D along with me because I figured why have a good piece of kit if I don’t use it at every given opportunity.

Anyone else annoyed at how warm this November is so far though? I want cold wintery nights, not sweaty windy nights with shit tonnes of rain!

The bonfire was almost unnecessarily hot.

Fully expected Beyonce to walk out at this point. She didn't.

The VSCO cam was pretty responsive with the movement of the fireworks so it was a piece of cake to get some okay shots...

The app has continued to impress me to no end and I recommend everyone get it for their phone (pretty sure it works across all operating systems on smartphones).

Usually when you try and get a hold of photographing something you get more than a 15 minute window once a year to practice.

But I guess that's it until next year's bonfire night…or new year…or an extravagant wedding with fireworks (never been to a wedding so not too hopeful I’ll be receiving an invite any time soon to anything of the sort!).

Happy nearly Friday! Oh no wait, it’s only Tuesday.


Hannah xx

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