I Needed A Few Days At Home

Now that I'm an adult with an actual job, income and routine you'd think I'd have my shit together and not be living in my overdraft. Unfortunately this is not the case. I don't really feel like I'm a proper adult at all (interweb, when will this happen?)

Last Friday I ventured up North on the 4:30pm train from King's Cross for a long weekend and was amused by the difference in my life from the train journey to arriving at home. 

The train journey...check work emails on blackberry, send work emails from blackberry, attempt to throw blackberry from moving train due to lack of signal, cane the First Class free wine offers. 

Getting home...check room hadn't been ruined by the Dad and Brother leaving their things in it, complain no food had been provided even though I'd been in the door a full 4 minutes, cane the free gin and tonics on offer.

Basically I enjoy going home and living the best of the child and adult worlds. This time the boyfriend got to come along for the experience and enjoy it all too, which was lovely.

A few photos of what we got up to are included for your absolute enjoyment (lolz), others can be found here.

Ps, some of them were taken with my new lens and I loveee it.

Dad's new Gin obsession is delicious! Try it here.

At home pizza wasn't too bad either.

I went to Next and bought a H mug (because why not) and attempted to take an okay photo. Results weren't that great but making them stand like this was amusing.

The mug joins a lovely collection.

I also bought this, because who doesn't want their room to smell like winter foliage (actual name, promise).

We realised how grey Charlie is now and discussed his death for a good 5 minutes because we're morbid and weird and want him to live forever.

Dad's kitchen is just the weirdest.

Yes, he has an actual honey platform.

We played a second round of FootGolf (first round was last year and can be found here) and I didn't do too shabby. The boyfriend won again and was terribly smug and Dad played this time...and then ripped his quad apart (we took pictures, naturally).

Cute sibling shots without me are just annoying lovely.

'The' moment.

Then we carried on.

The boyfriend, sister and I had a game of mini golf the next day while everyone else was at work because we were free, young and reckless for a full day.

This was my ball.

I really liked it, guys.

Followed by coffee at Olivia's.

Anyone else see the ridiculously large moon last weekend?

It was almost as great as asking the boyfriend to set up the clothes dryer.

He actually did it in about 2 seconds, much to the shock of every female in the vicinity.

Including this one.

A conversation at work last week made me appreciate that my whole family is now in the UK. We were discussing the fact that regardless of where you move, live, travel or stay there is always that one place that feels like a proper home to you.

I only spent 5 odd years in the UK when I was growing up but going up North still feels like I'm going home home.

Hannah xx

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