Wednesday Weekly Faves - Two

My favourites this week consist of family time, more new nails, caffeine fixes and new boots! I've had a good few days off work but am back tomorrow so once I press publish on this post the rest of my evening will be spent painting my toenails, drinking more wine and watching TV before I have to set my alarm and head back to reality.

I really don't want to, so let's hope there's a last minute national holiday planned or something amazing like that. Now for my faves...
Trips Home

Last weekend I was up North with the family and boyfriend and it was glorious to spend time with them all together and have a few days off work.

We managed to cram a lot of stuff into the short trip including another game of FootGolf, some crazy golf (I was fabulous at it), shopping, coffee dates, rugby games, dinners out and lots of gin!

My New 50mm Lens

So if you read my post last Friday you'll know I was complaining about whether or not I should bite the bullet and buy my a new lens for my Canon DSLR. Obviously I did it because I'm crazy, reckless and already live in my overdraft (loving life as a graduate, obv) so what's the major difference...great, lovely, sparkly pictures, that's the difference.

I actually ended up buying the lens during my train journey about 32 seconds after pressing publish on my train journey post. I received it Sunday morning instead of Monday (cheers Amazon) so had a few good opportunities to test it out while I was at home. I didn't splash on the more expensive one because I thought the 1.8 will be a good starting point for me and so far I am very happy. Find it here.

New ASOS Suede Boots

In the past two months I've bought two pairs of suede black boots. The first pair have a little heel, are from New Look and are great for walking long distances. The second are these ASOS high heeled boots, £45 and are okay for walking around the office for 7 hours but nothing continuous.

I tried walking non-stop for 35 minutes in Bristol and it didn't go well (I do get blisters in just about any shoe though, including UGG boots)

Regardless of my Bristol debacle I definitely recommend them - they're a good price, sturdy and only 3 inches tall so aren't mental to balance in. Find them here.

CND Shellac Nails

I love getting my nails done but hate choosing the right colour. I am so indecisive I get worried I'll realise I hate them the minute they've been cured or paid for. I got my nails done on Friday evening and am still confident I made the right choice! You can't go wrong with a deep red in Autumn.

Suggitts Ice Cream

If you're from a certain part of the North of England you'll have definitely heard, eaten or queued up for over 20 minutes on a hot summer's day to get a taste of Suggitts ice cream. 

There's nothing particularly fancy about it, just good old vanilla ice cream from a family owned sweet shop that dates back generations, but it is delicious.

I took the boyfriend there to try it on Monday and he agreed that it was worth the wait. I'm bringing him round to the Northern way of life one dessert at a time.

Face Masks

I absolutely love face masks, especially ones that don't cost £2958 and take 3 months to dry or peel off. My usual go to mask is my simple face wash that doubles as a mask, but I recently tried this and loved it!

It was something silly like £1.29 from Boots so well within any kind of beauty budget you're living with. The next one I want to try is this.

Independent Coffee Shops

Two years ago I didn't drink coffee at all. I disliked the taste and texture and didn't understand the beauty that is a coffee fuelled buzz. Fast forward two years and the only thing I love more than a coffee buzz is a social coffee buzz.

Although I love a Costa or Starbucks before work you can't beat feeling good about supporting independent places such as Olivia's!

It's like you're helping someone keep their dream of owning a cafe a reality (how vom does that sound?!) I popped to Olivia's this weekend with the boyfriend and little sister and loved the vanilla latte - definitely recommend it if you're in the Northern area. 

Road Trip Snacks

These honey BBQ wholegrain snacks are from M&S and an absolute must when we are driving. They're crunchy, delicious and deserve a massive shout out because they're so damn lov-er-lay.
Pic from the net

Keeping with tradition (two week traditions are the best, aren't they?) I'm including a funny photo from the interweb to end the faves this week. I found this on Facebook at the weekend and snort laughed because I'm sexy and refined like that. Enjoy!

Hannah xx

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