Wednesday Weekly Favourites - One

Firstly I must start by saying this is officially my 100th Actually It's Auburn blog post! I feel like that is potentially a mega milestone in the blogging world so wanted to throw it out there. Now onto my faves…

I think early October is a funny time of year. You're not quite over the loss of summer but you're not quite in the winter/Christmas/cold weather excitement stage yet either.

You do have Halloween and seasonal coffee drinks to look forward to, but if you hate fake blood and pumpkin spiced anything you're pretty much buggered for the entire month.

This was me last year for Halloween. On the outside it looks like I love it when in reality the only reason I looked like this was down to being at Uni.

Now the thought of dressing up, rolling around in face paint and spending 3 days backcombing my hair doesn't interest me in the slightest. I'm happy to report October has started well for me though!

The last seven days alone have included a big catch up with friends in Bristol, a pay day, a Primark haul, a date night, some serious anniversary planning, and well, a new mascara, so I thought I'd do one big roundup of my favourite October happenings so far...
Post blood test treats

I recently had to pop to the Doctors to get some blood tests done. It all went fine as I am now a mature adult that can handle shit like that (wanted my Mum the entire time) but bejesus the fasting was hard!

The clinic wasn’t open until 1:30pm so that meant over 14 hours of working, walking, breathing and living without any caffeine or edibles! The post-appointment binge was glorious. Utterly beautiful. I tried candy kittens for the first time and the sugar really hit the spot, I definitely recommend them (yes I know I should have eaten a sweet potato or something a little more sustainable and balanced, I don't care).
New Nails

There’s something about having new nails. You can’t go more than 34 seconds without looking down at your hands and doing a smug little ‘haha my hands are pretty’ smile. 

These are unfortunately not my own nails but the good news is you can own some just the same for a small cost of £7. Classy. (Sold at Boots, Superdrug, Tesco, etc).
Espresso Cup

So I may be lying with this one. The boyfriend bought me this espresso cup a few weeks ago but I only recently started using it a lot. I just love the print, the cuteness and size.

I am that idiot that buys things purely because they’re tiny and cute. Small Nutella jar? Yes please. Miniature shampoo bottle? Why not! I am my own worst hoarding enemy.

Primark Men's Section

Primark is somewhere I rarely venture nowadays mainly because I can’t be trusted. I just cannot stop buying basics! T-shirts, tank tops, pj shorts, underwear, everything.

I recently bought a black jumper from the men’s section (only picture of me wearing it is above, soz) and have already been back to buy two more! They're warm, snuggly and incredibly soft (and only £10!). I may have also bought a plaid shirt that is lovely. So yeah, next time you’re there allocate some time to gander at the menswear.

New Mascara

I've been using KIKO make up and nail polish since I was 16 and living in Milan. The stores there were pretty much a haven for my friends and I (cheap, pretty and good quality products) I’m thrilled it’s now available in the UK! I bought this mascara and polish on a recent trip to their Westfield store and love 'em.

I always opt for waterproof so I don’t end gym sessions looking like something from Kiss, but it’s the wand that has the real winning power here. It instantly makes your lashes thick, long and separated – I hate when you buy a new mascara and have to spend the first three weeks taking copious amounts of the stuff off the wand before applying.

Short trips away


Little trips away have never been something I’ve craved or suggested. I’m more of a two week kinda girl. I want a long trip where I can spend every day contemplating the various options I have that would allow me to never work another day of my life that starts before 10:30am.

I spent last weekend in Bristol catching up with the Uni girls and think I am now a full advocate for the 2-4 day breaks. The boyfriend and I have also recently booked a short break away for our anniversary and I can’t wait!

English Garden Cocktail

If I had to sum up my weekend in Bristol it would be with a picture of this cocktail. Prosecco, gin AND elderflower?! That's basically all of my favourite things rolled into one. Pop a Liam Hemsworth in there and we are pretty much in my heaven.
My New Favourite Dessert

I usually have strawberries or raspberries in the fridge at any given time but recently they've been going off before I've had a chance to eat them. During the weekly shop on Monday I opted for frozen raspberries. They're the same price but last way longer and are amazing with greek yoghurt and honey! It's like eating ice cream, I promise.

My Fave Picture

I found this pic on Pinterest earlier this week and laugh every time I see it. Obviously it was shared with the boyfriend within 24 seconds of me finding it.

The next seven days better be bloody relaxing...and cheap.

Hannah xx

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