The Actually It's Auburn Face Lift

As you've probably noticed, the blog has had a little bit of a face lift this week! The previous layout was nice, the pink was cute and the gold little rainy bits were truly adorable, but let's be honest, I'm not 12 and this isn't my birthday party.

People usually laugh at me for being so girly one minute and so dark the next. My clothes and nails always have very little colour involved, but my bedrooms are usually super flowery and light coloured. I'm a woman, so contradicting tendencies are allowed.

This new format is wayy more me. It's cleaner, darker and much more organised. It's still early days so there are a few reworks planned, but for the most part this is the new look for us from here on out.

I've got quite a few posts prepped and planned for next week...sadly I won't be able to complete my Saturday routine though because I'm off to Bristol for a girls weekend!

We're planning on making our way through this list...gin, prosecco AND elderflower?! Yes please.

Hope you love the new format as much as me and have lovely weekends! Please send any Bristol related tips my way and follow our escapades over on Instagram!

Hannah xx

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