So I'm On A Train...

I'm off up North this weekend for some serious family time, pamper time and rugby time!

Tonight I have a nail appointment with Mum (seriously so handy having that wench trained on Shellac manicures), a family meal, a potential eyebrow appointment with myself (will I find the energy or inclination to pluck them, won't I, who even knows, who even cares), a Tesco date (ie, we need to buy some wine) and an evening of clicking, checking and refreshing my Amazon wish list in hopes that the gods will get my hint and send me the 50mm lense I've been lusting after just because.

I'm currently on the train trying to decide when to actually bite the bullet and just buy it. I neeeeed it. It's not just a case of want here, and Christmas is far too long away to consider waiting. 

Anyway, yeah, tonight will be focused on family time and nails. Tomorrow will be the same but with Rugby thrown in, and then Sunday I'll get to see the sister and boyfriend and we will all be together and reunited and drunk.

I'm up North til Tuesday so I'll no doubt have 48328 photos (that are taken with my new lense?) to share and report back with come Wednesday.

What are your plans for the weekend? 

Hannah xx

Ps, Cannot stop listening to Hello!

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