Happy 1st Birthday, Actually It's Auburn!

A few Friday's ago marked the first birthday of Actually It's Auburn (so naturally we had to make bellinis and blow up orange balloons) and it feels like it's been the quickest year ever, probably because I've been up to quite a lot...

I went back to Uni for my final year, took advantage of London living a little bit more, travelled more, drank more, baked more, finished Uni, got a new job (became an adult #lolz), cut my hair, got glasses, etc etc.

Basically I did loads of boring stuff but also some really really fun and memorable stuff that I've tried to write down as well as I could have.

I've always been one of those people that thinks of things to say and by the time I've started writing it out or talking I've forgotten the last part of whatever it is. Luckily I type fast and can babble for as long as I like here (unlike car journeys with the boyfriend where he shuts me up after 24.5 seconds).

But some of my posts are exactly that, just utter bollocksy babbles that make zero sense and interest a fine few of you. But it's that kinda stuff that has made this first year so fun.

And I'm happy there's a mixture in the most popular list. We've got everything from easy baking recipes, to nights out, to what bedding I have on at the mo.

I think that's a testament to the whole lifestyle blogging thing, (just FYI the 'lifestyle' bit makes me cringe as bad as watching a sex scene with ma nan would) that people like to see the whole picture of someones life, and that's what I think I've done.

I mean one of my most popular posts has been the girls night out in Clapham at Forbidden Nights (you perverts), but I still manage to rant about friendships and getting older when that's what's happening for me at the time.

(The balloon/picture excitement lasted for a whole two shots before I felt like a dick and just wanted to drink my wine).

Can you tell.

If I'd have been thinking properly this time last year I would have made a list of what I wanted to achieve during my first 12 months of blogging, but I wasn't, so I didn't.

So while I sit here in Starbucks drinking my large coffee and eyeing up the muffins (hey hey blogging cliche), I’ve decided to set a few goals for my second year…

1. Learn to code like a champ, because right now my coding abilities are a little more chimp than champ.

2. Be more structured with my planning of weekly posts, social media, writing, etc...blogging can easily become a full time job and since I already have one of those it can be a task to find the brainpower to type my laptop password, nevermind a full blown blog post.

3. Write what I want to write, not what I think I should... sometimes it's tough to gauge how you guys will take a ranty post about chipped nails as opposed to gooey brownies or a travel post.

4. Be happy with the entire website for more than 3 months at a time! I get bored with the layout of everything way too easily and then spend days on end redesigning it all only to get bored a few months later.

It's crazy to think of the amount of stuff I've crammed into this year and how much of it I would have forgotten had it not been for the blog. Here's to the next 12! 

Hannah xx

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