A Weekend In Bristol

I'm a big believer in there being two types of missing. There's the obvious, constant nagging of missing something or someone, and then there's the unrealised, less present type.

The first is pretty self explanatory. You go away, you miss your family (and dog). You give up carbs, you miss pasta (and wine). You go to work, you miss your bed.

The second is a little more complex and surprising, and that's what I experienced this weekend. I didn't realise how much I missed the Uni girls and the type of days we used to have when living together.

The type of days where you sleep in, drink coffee, gossip, shop and just spend time together listening to the ridiculous things you've all been up to. Last year that would have been any normal day for us, but now it's something we need to plan in advance and buy trains tickets for.

The photos are pretty accurate in their representation of our few days together...food, shopping, an IKEA trip for meatballs and a rug, cocktails, gossip and rugby!

We're already planning the next weekend...

Being an adult and living for the weekend is tough.

Hannah xx

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  1. Looks like you had a great time! That choco pudding looks to die for!