So here's all of the bedrooms I had at Uni

The response I had from you guys after posting my Uni Bedroom Packing List was ridiculous, like insane ridiculous (excellent English there, I know) which led me to believe you are all either...

1. Really bloody nosey.
2. Planning your Uni packing lists.
3. All of the above

If you're a 1, I'm right there with you. Some of my favourite blog posts are the ones where we get a bit of insight into their houses, kitchens, bedrooms, etc (obv didn't mean for that to sound quite so weird), but yeah. I totally understand. You feel like you know the person, so why can't you see inside their bathroom cupboard?! Totally rational.

If you're a 2, I'm so jealous! I wish I could go back and start the packing process all again. That may make me sound mad and just a little bit boring, but I honestly loved imagining how I could transform my next shit tip of a room into something a little more homely and inviting.

If you're a 3, damn you for having everything in life right now.

So after the initial response of my first room post, I thought it would be cool to post a little more about all of my Uni bedrooms because trust me, they varied. A lot. 

Excuse the photo quality - a lot of the photos were either taken with my iPhone4 years ago or my iPad. Oh the days of having shit phone cameras and no functioning digital camera/DSLR.

First Year Room - On Campus Halls

Mental window shapes right of the bat, I know.

Did a little move about around 5 months in...

But also let's not forget the time I lost my passport and turned my sanctuary into this. Fun bloody times. 

It had fallen out of my draws at the back and was hiding inside the actual cabinet, just FYI.

Second Year - House with friends

Clearly I love taking pictures of windows?

Long story short - I had pale pink curtains that achieved absolutely shit all in blocking out the sun. Enter: towels to help the crap curtains block out the sun on weekends and hangover days.

Third Year Room: Flat In London For Placement

This room was way too pink and girly for me.

Fourth Year - Back On Campus Halls

Looking back on these pics makes me sad that I'll never get to move in to Uni again but also really thankful there are some aspects of Uni that are over forever.

I do miss hanging out in the halls with some of the people I liked to call friends though! Some of them anyway.

Hannah xx

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