A Bank Holiday Week

My bank holiday weekend was spent up North at home with the famiglia. It was lovely. Unfortunately I am now back in the swing of London life after a crazy week at work and miserable weather.

How bloody cold has it got all of a sudden?! And yet the tubes are still managing to resemble a sauna full of miserable people. Only now they're all wearing jackets. And fading summer tans. Including mine, sob.

So what else have I been up to this week?

I finished this book and then discovered there are two more to follow! I quickly bought the second on Amazon and it was supposed to arrive yesterday but it didn't. What will I do now.

I watched the MTV VMAs in bed and thought Miley Cyrus did a great job. Her outfits were wacky and she just completely plays up to her crazy persona, but in a way that shows she really doesn't give a shit.

Other discoveries... Nicki Minaj needs to chill and Taylor Swift has three dance moves that she just recycles over and over again (still love her though). I think Tyga is hilarious and Kanye did himself a worldddddd of good with that speech. So yeah, I think I like Kanye again and I know I love Bieber again.

I decided I'm not sold on this season of Great British Bake Off...maybe I need to give it another try. I'm sad about this whole situation though.

A bird decided to release its bowels whilst I was waiting for the train to work on Tuesday. Luckily it missed me by about 20cm but the splashback on my foot was a mega fun situation for the entirety of the commute. Tip: always keep baby wipes in your bag instead of your desk draw.

I also realised I have three new clothes cravings - a cute distressed denim jacket, more black ripped jeans and another pair of heeled black ankle boots...payday next week wooo! The denim jacket craving just in time for winter makes sense, obvs. Please send 'em my way if you find any online!

Actually It's Auburn over the next week or so...
  • A weekend at home...more on my weekend up North and all the fun (gin) we had.
  • Chocolate & pistachio fudge recipe...super easy, unhealthy and delicious.
  • Celebrating a year of Actually It's Auburn...insane that it's already been a year.
  • My current spending problems...I cannot stop. ASOS sale, piss off please.
  • What I miss about university...and what I really really don't miss. Oh fun.
  • Protein Works review...Choc Peanut Butter & Choc Mint Brownie
Hope you all had a lovely short week at work!

Hannah xx

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