Two Ingredient Healthy Banana 'Ice Cream'

I was very sceptical about trying this recipe.

I’ve only just recently taught myself to actually like bananas, and that’s only because they’re a filling, healthy snack. There’s still some days where I can‘t even fathom the thought of eating one (think it’s the texture mainly).

And I definitely still hate anything that’s artificially banana flavoured (milkshakes, sweets, yoghurts, etc). So I was fully expecting to dislike this and regret wasting my time, energy and beloved ingredients.

Searching Pinterest for the perfect recipe inspiration was fun though.

But while I can’t quite admit that it beats Ben and Jerry’s, it’s certainly up there with the best. Mainly because you can get the same sweet treat fill without the guilt that follows.

Plus it’s cheaper, quicker and definitely more filling. Win.

What you’ll need:

- Four to five frozen bananas (no peel, obvs).
- A fairly powerful food processor.
- Optional toppings/additions for the blender (peanut butter, Nutella, raw nuts, honey, maple syrup, other types of fruit, etc).

What you’ll do:

- Remove the peel from the bananas and freeze.
- Once frozen, chop the bananas into chunks that the food processor can manage (ideally 1-2cm).
- Blend the bananas until smooth.
- Add two tablespoons of chunky, organic, no added sugar peanut butter (or whatever else you have chosen) and blend together.
- Remove from the processor and serve either immediately or after a quick refreeze.
- Add whatever toppings and enjoy.

I know this should have been tried and tested at the start of summer when I originally saw it on Pinterest and not the end, but oh well.

And while I'm still really excited for Winter, I'm kinda dreading the cold, dark commutes and endless rain.

So I’m holding onto what we have left of the 'sun' with banana ice cream filled hands.

Hannah xx

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