Here's An Update...

It's been a fair old while since I've blogged spontaneously.

I tend to go down the planning, drafting and scheduling route rather than just blogging on a whim, but I've just had a mega strong coffee and can't stop babbling (a quality of mine that the boyfriend adores, especially on long car journeys, whenever he is busy or late at night, obvs).

The past four weeks have been an endless travel-filled blur for me. I've been in over ten countries across two continents and experienced some pretty big life milestones in the middle of it all.

Scheduling and planning posts has let me keep things going and organised around here, but I can't help feeling like I've missed out on some noteworthy things - I haven't really given you an update of what I've been doing recently.

So here's a quick fire round of my life happenings...

I moved out of Uni and graduated with a First - what a bloody relief that was. I'm already missing halls and friends but am glad to be away from a lot of other stuff you'll only experience at Uni.

I visited Sweden and Denmark for the first time - a big group of us from Uni went for a week to visit our friend and soak up a little bit of their culture (and cocktails). It was fun, I took 49282 photos and blogged about it all (posts below).

Summer House - Day 1 - Arriving and The Road Trip
Summer House - Day 2 - A Day In The Country
Summer House - Day 3 - Midsummer Celebrations

Malmö - Day 1 - Hangovers, Cocktails and Moose Burgers
Malmö - Day 2 - Shopping, More Hangovers and Our Dinner Party
A Day In Copenhagen - Experiencing Denmark

Social Eatery - Malmös' New Mexican

I got a new DSLR - I was lucky enough to given a Canon EOS 700D for graduation from my Dad...it has changed my picture taking life! Definitely recommend it. From landscapes to baking shots, it's by far the best camera I've used to date.

I went to Morocco for the first time - I visited Marrakech with my Mum, Sister and Brother in July for my grad gift from Mum. It was boiling, the food was great and the hotel was lovely!

I went to Croatia for the first time and loved it - it's so cheap, pretty and hot! We (the fam and I) stayed in Novigrad which is a lovely town on the Northern coast and enjoyed just about everything it had to offer. Next time we go back we're planning to visit some of the islands.



I went mountain biking in the French Alps - after Croatia we headed to the Les Gets, Morzine, Avoriaz area for some mountain biking. It's one of our annual family traditions and something I'm hoping I can keep joining in on once I start work and have to be an adult.

I read these books during my trips to Morocco, France and Croatia - I recommend them all to every chick-lit lover out there. I have since bought four more books from the same authors and can't wait for their arrival. I'm 100% back on board the reading train, god knows why I ever got off.

  1. You Don't Have to Say Your Love Me - Sarra Manning
  2. The Dating Detox - Gemma Burgess
  3. A Girl Like You - Gemma Burgess
  4. Unsticky - Sarra Manning...read this last summer but thought I'd include it
  5. One Perfect Summer - Paige Toon

I'm currently house hunting in London - just thinking about the costs, travel routes to work, nice areas to focus on and all the new things I get to buy that I don't actually need is exciting, stressful and boring all at the same time. Women.


I started my new job this week - or old job. I'm not sure how to describe it. I'm back at the company I worked for during the internship/placement year of my degree and am excited, apprehensive and determined all at the same time.

Obviously there's been more going on in my life than this but I would hate to bore you more than necessary.

I have an amazing recipe ready and waiting to be published this weekend so keep an eye out on here, my bloglovin' or instagram!

Now it's time for me to tackle the 348 emails waiting for me in my inbox. Joy.

Hannah xx

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