Heading to Uni? Here's What You Need For Your Room

Walking in to your room at Uni for the first time can be really brilliant or really shit. For me it was the former.

I lived in halls twice during my Uni career and both rooms were fairly sized with their own bathroom, clean and modern, so yeah, winner. I also loved my flatmates (well, most of 'em).

For my sister, walking into halls in Manchester was horrid. Her room was outdated, full of old wood furniture and only had a sink and a tiny, dirty, broken bed. Plus she had to share a shower with 20 other people #PassTheFlipFlops. She also hated her flatmates. Needless to say, her living arrangements didn't last.

Every year I tried to make my room as homely and cosy as possible. I had to feel at home, otherwise I wouldn't have enjoyed it. I guess most girls are the same?

The girls in my halls always had most of the items listed below and tried to make their rooms all lovely and cosy. The boys? Well, I don't know what it is about boys but they just don't give a shit about where they sleep, live or relax.

Having said that, one of the guys did buy a lamp last year. Granted it sat in his room for 4 months with no bulb, but it was a start.

(This post is brought to you by the IKEA gods, who we must remember to thank at the start of every academic year for their cheap linen, bulbs and flower pots).

A bedside lamp will change your life. Most halls rooms will have that lovely, fluorescent lighting that makes you feel like you're at the dentist. Buy a lamp and create some bloody ambiance, puh-leeze.

Most Uni's provide bedding. Which is perfectly fine to use, if you fancy sleeping on sheets that have seen more action than a hotel bed and look like your nans curtains. Primark have some pretty amazing printed bedding at the mo and surprisingly, they don't feel like you're sleeping on tissue paper.

Uni curtains tend to match the bedding. Yep, vom.com. If you can, change them to something neutral that will keep the light out. Nothing worse than waking up with a hangover and not being able to take that obligatory midday nap because of the sun. That bastard.

Not only do they make your room smell like a little cell of heaven, but they also create a fire hazard for those of you that love to live on the edge.

Fairy Lights
Buy some cute fairy lights and hang that shit up. Lighting is everything in halls and you can't beat a movie night in a cosy, dark room with flatmates (I know I made that sound weird, whatevs).

Get them printed, buy some fancy tape from Amazon and plaster them all over your walls. Seeing family pics, non-uni friends and more importantly your pets will keep your spirits up in the times of need.

Please refer to description of uni curtains and bedding and then make your own mind up about how delightful the carpets will most likely be. Buy a rug, cover the carpet up and enjoy your life.

IKEA has cheap but fairly lovely pillows on offer. Buy two and thank the IKEA gods once again for saving you from having to use uni ones/20 year old ones your nan offered up. Save those ones for guests ha.

Yeah I don't have a photo of this. You know what pillows look like.

Buy two, pop one over the horrid uni chair that is provided and the other one on the end of your bed. Congratulations, you are now Martha Stewart.

Flowers, vases, stones, etc
Flowers make everything better, especially fake ones that you don't have to remember to water/throw out/feed.

Bring a TV - if you can
Background noise and being able to watch the same TV shows as your friends/family will help with home sickness.

Bedside table
Not all uni halls come with them. In first year I had an upside down basket (it was a cube shaped one, obv) and then I splashed a whopping £5 on this beauty in second and third year. Game changer.

Don't buy one of these, just use the one provided and hope it doesn't make your room smell of sick like ours did in first year. Nothing worse than a bitty, messy carpet. Or one that smells like vomit, I suppose. Actually, maybe just buy a dust buster? Or some shake-and-vac.


Make your bed
I know I sound like your mother, but this really is the source of all evil in a bedroom - it will cause you unnecessary stress.
Don't leave pots in your room
Just wash up, you'll feel 100% better next time you go to cook and everything is clean. Plus your housemates won't hate you/think you're disgusting (don't be this flatmate, there is always one or two).

I know theses all sound pretty obvious but it's worth having a list to work from. I wish I could start Uni one last time and enjoy buying all this shit again!

Hannah xx

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