Eatery Social - Malmö, Sweden

Our second to last day ended back in Malmö (after a day in Copenhagen) at the amazing Eatery Social.

The restaurant is located on the bottom floor of the Clarion hotel and is a fairly new spot offering Mexican street food with a formal touch.

We ended up working our way through most of the menu, tasting just about everything they had to offer (including the amazing frozen and traditional cocktails) before walking to the beach to enjoy our final sunset in Sweden.

The food was great and cost us about £60 each, so it wasn't too expensive/cheap, a happy medium? Perhaps not for students on a travel budget.

I'd recommend the restaurant to those that love Mexican food, but I'm not sold on the claims that
it beats authentic street food.

I'd opt for a cold corona and handful of tacos on the beach somewhere over this.

Tip: if you do drop by Eatery Social Malmö, be sure to check out the Sky bar on the top floor of the hotel - the views are amazing, especially as the sun is going down!

This is officially the last Sweden post I'll publish, I promise.

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Hannah xx

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