Why I Started My Blog & Some Of My Faves

Over the past month or so I've been asked very similar questions about my blog and getting it started - why, how and if I think it'll continue once I graduate are the main topics, so I figured I'd just write a quick post about it.

Why I started Actually It's Auburn

Summary for the people avoiding all the words: when I'm 79 I can look back on the hangovers, having no money/binge eating and realise some of student life really wasn't that great. That's what I'll tell myself while I cry into a £6 bottle of wine and set my alarm for work, obv.

Longer story: I've been reading blogs since graduating high school in 2011 and have religiously followed a few really great ones, that I still read now.

In my first year of Uni I really wanted to start a blog but figured I wasn't up to anything worthy of writing about. 

I now realise I should have started then and filled it with everything a first year student goes through (decorating your room, what to bring to uni, how to make the most of Freshers and most importantly, how to save money and make friends!).

In September 2014 when I was preparing to go back for my final year I realised I wanted to record it somehow. My first, second and third years (placement) had all merged into one and I realised you forget so much so easily.

I went back and forth between ideas but the leader was to take one photo a day of anything or anyone that summed up each day for me. I realised I had nowhere to share it (not a huge fan of spamming people on Facebook with my life) and decided I really needed to start my blog.

My plan evolved from a photo a day to just blogging my way through my final year. It was a way for me to record everything fun, let my family know what I was up to and for my older self to reminisce in a few years when I miss University.

How I started the blog

I follow blogs that are hosted on both blogger and wordpress. I didn't really have a preference based on them, so opted for blogger as the easier platform that would hold my hand a little bit through the initial set up, basic coding and formatting.

Uni room desk - oh the luxury!
I felt guided through the domain purchasing/setting up of billing with Google. If you're a little more adventurous/experienced I'd recommend wordpress as you have more freedom in some aspects. You can always convert a blogger into a wordpress though, you just have to find the correct instructions online.

Will it continue once I graduate Uni?

Yes! The blog is of course student life heavy, but it also follows other aspects of my life and I love sharing recipes, beauty ideas, fun days out, etc.

Plus it just makes my life 1000x easier when I want to bake and can't find my recipes. They're all online and googleable (a word).
My favourite blogs

It's always surprised me how much you can become enthralled in another person's life even when they're not doing anything crazy exciting. You start to feel like you know them and share in their happiness/good news.

1. Peanut Butter Fingers...the first blog I ever followed.
2. Barefoot Blonde...be prepared for intense leg and hair envy.
3. Maskcara...one of the sweetest, prettiest and funniest bloggers ever.
4. Gal Meets Glam...lot's of pink, flowers and constant travel pics.
5. Kenzas...Sweden's best blogger, she is hilarious and you will want her to be your BFF. Promise.
6. Cara Loren...body envy, great gym motivation!

Hannah x


  1. yayyyy great post! I'm going to look through all your uni posts as i'm starting in September! Need a heads up! Can't wait for more xx

    1. Hey! Thank you :) I have a few posts drafted and planned for the next few weeks that'll cover loads of things I wish I knew. Even down to what to bring for freshers week! So jealous you're starting uni! Wish I could go back. Xx