Sweden Day 3 - Midsummer Celebrations

I've been in Morocco lately which is why my posts have been a little erratic and delayed (basically I've been shit, I know). I went with my Mum, Sister and Brother and had a ball. The weather was great, the food was great and the holiday was great. Are we sensing that it was all great? Okay great.

My trip to Sweden was almost a month ago now and I'm only on day three, so please forgive me. I'll make the remaining posts snappy and more picture-filled than excuse-filled.

One of the main things I gathered while in Sweden was that the people go crazy for Midsummer. Which is literally a day dedicated to celebrating the middle of summer - the longest day of the year.

Your time is spent drinking, eating, swimming, singing, making flower headpieces, playing games and eating strawberry cake...so I got on board with the entire thing pretty quickly.

Settle in for the long haul with this one, it's mighty photo-y (a word). They're not necessarily in order, but they tell the story pretty well.

Basically there was rain, shelter building, beer, games, food, headpieces, songs, more food and drunken swimming in the dark.

This was our last day in the Swedish countryside so we made the most of it. 

Malmo city post coming tomorrow.

Hannah xx

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