Sweden - Day 2 In The Countryside

Our second day in Sweden didn't start quite as early or energetically as the first.

We woke up with sore heads, messy hair and one really untidy house.

The day was spent rectifying each of those things, BBQ-ing for lunch and dinner, sunbathing, napping and yep, more wine. This time with bubbles, because variety is good in life.

Oh yeah, and the girls may have decided to go on an adventure that included two kayaks, a doughnut and lots of rope. More on that later.

Here's just a few photos summarising what we did, ate, drank and got up to. It was one of those days where you do nothing productive, active or particularly interesting but still have fun.

It was nice to have some time with just the girls. We discussed intellectually rich topics such as wine bras (they actually exist, google it), boys and how we could make this whole new sport we had discovered an official Olympic category.

The adventure lasted about 45 minutes until we got a little chilly and decided more wine was required.

We ended up taking the boat out quickly for us to jump off and swim a little too. It lasted a whole 14 minutes before we all froze.

Hannah xx

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