Sweden Day 1 - Arriving & The Road Trip

A few weeks ago I ventured to Sweden with a few of my pals for a post-Uni trip.

I can safely say I have never had as much wine and coffee as I did on this trip. So it's well up there with the best.

Our first day kicked off at around 11am as the mega early flight from London touched down on Copenhagen soil.
We gathered our bags, clumsily bought tickets for the train to Malmo, stood on the wrong platform, watched said train leave without us and then waited another 15 minutes for the next one. Excellent start.

Once we finally arrived, we were greeted by Anna and drove to her apartment to pack up the cars ready for our road trip.

The plans for the week were split into two sections. The first would be spent in the countryside at Anna's summer house so that we could relax, sunbathe and celebrate Midsummer (hence the road trip), the second would be based back in the city. A nice countryside/city divide.

Split into two cars, we started the 2 hour journey with the highest calibre of playlists.

I'd been instructed by the driver to make a seriously cheesy, high school throwback soundtrack for our drive. Jonas Brothers included. We improvised due to a lack of an Aux cable.

We made a pit stop halfway through to collect a Swedish princess cake for the Midsummer celebrations. Even though it isn't the traditional dessert, after seeing the cakes being made on The Great British Bake Off last year I'd been nagging Anna to let us try one for ages.

She only went and got us one from the best bakery in Sweden.

Which added a bit of pressure to the transportation of it.

Safely on my knee and with car snacks at the ready, we set off again.

We arrived a little over an hour later and immediately had a good nosey around the place.

It didn't take long for the boys to start being boys.

Before the rain started to settle in.

Wine in hand, no one really cared.

Especially the boys.

We were more than impressed.

Once they'd warmed up it was time for dinner.

And my favourite concoction - elderflower and gin!

Once the gin had kicked in we thought it would be an excellent idea to light the sauna and go for a dip.

It didn't quite work out that way.

One too many drinking games later we went to bed with confirmed hangovers for the next day and other people's underwear on our heads.

An excellent first day in Sweden!

Hannah xx

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