Malmö - Day 1

Our first proper day in Malmo involved an early start, a long drive and two burgers each. Yes, two.

We'd woken up after the night before, packed up our stuff and set off on the two hour road trip back to the city.

By the time we arrived we were starving, tired and feeling sorry for ourselves. The rest of the day was pretty slow.

We immediately collapsed on the couch, ate Mcdonalds (burger numero uno), looked at all the photos we had taken at the summer house and relaxed before heading to a cocktail party at Anna's Mums' house, and dinner at Moosehead.

Remember ladies, posture is everything.

I tried a moose burger! But forgot to photograph it because I'm shit...burger numero dos, obv.

This is a very effective way to warm red wine when it arrives cold, just in case you wondered.

After dinner we headed to a bar for some cocktails to celebrate our degree results.

And then ended the evening with major drunk eyes and classy selfies, because why not.

Not the most touristy or proactive day, but a fun one nonetheless.

Hannah xx

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