A Day in Copenhagen

Our final full day of the trip started in the usual fashion. We woke up, had sore heads, rumbling bellies and complained until we'd consumed at least two cups of coffee each. The last part was extra vital for the long day we had planned.

The journey from Malmo to Copenhagen is super easy and takes just under an hour (that included the walk we did to the station and actual travel time).

I'd definitely recommend to anyone if you're in either Malmo or Copenhagen spend the day in the opposite city.

The below is just a little photo diary of the day, enjoy!

Having never been to Copenhagen before I was excited to see what all the fuss was about...I absolutely loved the vibe!

The buildings are cool, the people are relaxed and the shops are great. It actually reminded me of Milan quite a bit.

After arriving back in Malmo and deciding that two hours was far too long to go without food we headed to a new restaurant in town offering mexican food and cocktails.

But more on that tomorrow!

Hannah xx

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