The Great Uni Bake Off

A few months back Nick and Zoe (Uni friends) were having a discussion (argument) about who is the most useless at baking.

Zoe said it was Nick. Nick said it was Zoe.

It was decided that once exams were over, we would find out. The two would go head-to-head (with a recipe given by yours truly) to decide who was less useless once and for all.

Notice how I'm not saying the best at baking? Just 'less useless'...neither of them are the next Mary Berry and that's putting it nicely.

The decided recipe was a simple Panda cupcake. This included enough technicality (had to look like a Panda), baking basics (had to rise) and taste requirements (had to not taste like poo) to test their abilities against one another.

The below images aren't too exciting but they serve as a good reminder of how not to bake a Panda cupcake.

You're welcome.

Oh and Nick won. He's the best of a bad bunch, what more can I say.

The ridiculously strong punch we started the evening with definitely helped the taste testing.

I never want to see or eat another panda cupcake ever again.

Hannah xx

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