I'm Off To Sweden

As this post goes live I will have just landed in Sweden and no doubt found the nearest coffee to face plant at full speed.

Our flight from London is an early one. 7:50am to be exact. Although that doesn't sound so horrendous, when you include the getting to the airport with enough time, driving there, getting ready at home and the extra 20 minutes I'll need to allow for actually mustering the energy to get out of bed, we're looking at a wake up time of around 4am.


So why am I going to Sweden? Well you may remember the rather lovely introduction I gave my friend Anna in this post here.

A few months back Anna kindly invited a few of us to go out and see the land of her people. There's around 9 or 10 of us going and we're all friends from Uni, so it'll be a little reunion.

We're there for six days and already have a tonne of things on the agenda. The first few days will be spent at the summer house on the coast to celebrate the Swedish 'Mid Summer' holiday, before returning to Malmö early Saturday morning to experience the city side of Anna's life for the last few days.

I'm excited to spend time together as a group (it's been like what, two weeks since we did that?) and visit a new city!

If any of you have been to Malmö and have suggestions for places I must go/see then let me know. Although having a native as your guide means we'll no doubt already have it on the list!

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Hannah xx

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