Forbidden Nights London

Last Sunday was girls night for our flat. The ultimate girls night. The type of girls night that the boys ask about but then just roll their eyes and comment on the double standards at play. Why? Because girls night 2015 happened at Forbidden Nights London.

The show started at 8pm so we left campus at 6ish to allow enough time for a drink before.


Forbidden Nights is hosted at the grand theatre right next to Clapham Junction station, which was surprisingly beautiful.

We were probably a little too keen though and arrived before most of the other guests, even with our pit stop at the pub. We used the time efficiently and got more wine, obv.

The big screen welcoming us in was showing the Forbidden Nights Britain's Got Talent audition. We had already watched it on the tube on our way to Clapham because we like to be well prepared.

My camera had a heart attack shortly after the show started, which was just excellent. The pictures aren't that clear and I had to rely on my phone for parts, but I'm sure you'll get the gist...


I interrupt your photo scrolling to do a little poll (soz). If you were sitting behind this for the entire show what would you do? Tell her? Leave it? Or be a coward and take a picture?

As the wine consumption increased we decided we should tell her.

In the end we didn't have the balls and assumed one of her 12 friends would break the news. We figured a stranger breaking the news would have just embarrassed her.

Overall Forbidden Nights was funny, entertaining and a great girls night out! It was more of a laugh than anything else. Seeing the 493 hens there also made for a good time. I have officially decided that if I get married I will put my foot down at fluorescent wigs for my hen do though. No thank you.

It all finished just before 10pm which left us a good few hours to gallivant around London before getting the last tube home.

We got back just after midnight and bored the boys to sleep with various details of the night.

I must admit I was a little sceptical about going to begin with. I didn't want it to be seedy, I just wanted to have a laugh and enjoy the evening. I was more excited about spending the night with the girls than anything else. Oh and wine. I was excited about the wine as well.

In the end I had a really great night and definitely recommend Forbidden Nights London for a girls night, hen do or just a random Saturday evening out in Clapham, because why not.

Hannah xx

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