A Day in Windsor

A few weeks back a couple of friends and I decided to break out of the Uni bubble and head to Windsor for the day.

I'd hadn't been for years so was excited to see all the places I remember from being young, as well as the ones I didn't.

The majority of us had already done the castle tour, some more recently than others, so we decided to skip that and move right on to lunch.

I know, how terribly English of us.

We walked for a little and settled on a place just off the river.

I used it as an opportunity to continue exploring my new found love for gin and made a few new friends at the same time.

I can't remember the name of the place we ate at (I know, I'm crap), but I know the food was great.

I went for my usual starter of crab and was bitterly disappointed to find it contained a whole bunch of cucumber, much to the others amusement.

I ate the crab part and tried a little bit of the salad. I realllyyy tried to enjoy it, because, well it's food, but ended up leaving most of it.

The burger was much more enjoyable.

After lunch we went for a walk down the river to enjoy the weather and work off the 49,943 calories we'd just consumed.

Which is when we came across this little gem and immediately forced our money on the guy working there.

This part of the day was the funniest, definitely.

We opted for the little motor boats so split into two groups to enjoy the views.

After the boating extravaganza we continued our walk through the town.

We ended up popping into the fudge kitchen and sampled some of their best.

My favourite part of the fudge kitchen is always watching the fudge being made in the back of the shop.

The samples don't hurt either.

All day I had been promised that we would go over to the 'really long road' because I couldn't remember ever going.

I couldn't figure out what was so special about a long road, aren't they everywhere?

When we got there I realised that yes, the road is very long and yes, I wanted to walk down the entire thing to see where it led.

We didn't.

Can we guess what the weather was like?

After not eating for about 2 hours we decided it was time for more food so we headed off in search of the perfect afternoon tea spot.

We passed this pub on the way and I decided it is one of the prettiest and most British I've ever seen.

The afternoon tea happened to be right next to the station so we enjoyed a few treats and then jumped on a train back home.

Once we arrived, the bus didn't seem too appealing so we walked back to campus along the canal.

By the time we got home my feet were covered in dust and blisters and I was late for the other half who was coming to get me, but I think the view was worth it.

It was a pretty horrendous day as far as health goes, but a pretty great one as far as spending time with friends.

We made sure we told everyone that couldn't make it just how much fun we had. 

If you're nearby, definitely do a day in Windsor! Just make sure you wear your stretchy trousers.

Hannah xx


  1. Beautiful photos, looks like a lovely place! All the food looks amazing too, especially that cake! :)


  2. What a lovely day it looks like! Beautiful photos

    Krissie x - http://pearlsofstyle.blogspot.com