The End of Exams

Last Friday marked the end of all exams at my Uni, which of course meant some form of celebration had to take place.

Originally we planned to grab some cider and spend the afternoon basking in the sun just enjoying the freedom. The weather had other plans.

We were greeted with grey, thick clouds and the occasional smattering of rain. Which well and truly ruined my plans of getting a suntan and wearing white jeans.

Instead the day involved some celebratory bubbles and a large pasta bake at the flat. Which is still a win in my eyes.

With only a few weeks left of student life, we tried not to focus on being adults. Hence the flamingo cup holders.

I actually finished my exams the week before most people, so I had already celebrated and decided to drink a little less than normal.

The others concluded drinking games was the best way to do this.

I feel like I am the only student or 20 something in the world that doesn't enjoy drinking games. They just feel like forced fun. Plus I am terrible at them so they never end well. I gave ring of fire a valiant effort though.

With the classiest of pint glasses in the middle (Thank you, Kenwood Smoothie2Go).

After watching Anna finish the dirty pint we headed to the SU for more drinks...we are natures of habit, what can I say.

I was pretty awful at taking photos but I think I captured the most important parts of the night, I'm sure you'll agree.


In other news, I am attending a boat party on the Thames tomorrow night and the weather is looking pretty bloody horrific.

I'm talking thunderstorms, rain and cloud. Guess that solves my hair decision dilemma, crazy homeless chic it is.

Hannah xx

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