So I went to a foam party

The past week at my Uni has been all about refreshers.

For those of you that don't know what that is, think freshers week, at the end of the year, with more sun, less nerves and a lot more friends.

Basically the week is a stellar excuse for final year students like myself to pretend we don't have to be adults in a few short months.

The week consists of a night out every day and usually results in you feeling like a broken, bloated, sometimes sunburnt, poor individual by the end. How bloody fun did I make that sound?

As final years we were all keen to relive the best bits about our Uni and unfortunately for us, this meant venturing to Liquid in town one last time. Because Liquid tends to be super classy, they were hosting a foam party.

Yes, foam party. 

Who even created those? Whoever it was, what's wrong with normal parties?

These outfits are explained below, I promise. The girl on the left cannot be explained, unfortunately.

We didn't find out about the foam until we were sitting in Wagamama's on the actual day.

By this point in the week you feel quite broken, tired, have the clear signs of a cold (freshers flu, hiya!) and have precisely 45p left in your account.

I ordered a large blueberry spice juice thinking it would help. It didn't. It tasted and looked like death.


I'm sticking with my apple and carrot from now on. The new chicken starter and my usual teriyaki donburi didn't disappoint though!

After paying we had a few errands to run in town. Naturally this is the point we decided to all buy ridiculous outfits we didn't care about getting foamed (yes, that's now a verb).

I'd like to say I'm not proud of the result, but I am.

Other news of the night: we braided party poppers into my hair and I discovered an intense love for gin and elderflower.


I'm also really really proud of my lipstick, it stayed on the entire night, didn't budge once and never got reapplied.

This is the face you have to make when it's drying and you can't breathe out of your nose just FYI.

Before foam


After foam

The usual shit liquid (occasionally referred to as Shitquid) was absolutely hilarious, one of the best of my four years here and I'm glad we ended on a high.

I'm also really glad I never have to enter another one ever again.

Hannah xx

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